1-Handed Swords

An example of a high tier 1 Handed sword.

are weapons that require only one hand for use, meaning that you can put anything on the other free hand like a shield or a flashlight, or even another one handed weapon. They usually do less damage than the 2-handed swords, have low knockback, and they have a horizontal, forward attack. Weapon speeds range from 0.6 to 4.0 swings per second.

Weapon StrategiesEdit

Since One Handed Swords don't have a strong knockback, many enemies may easily damage you when attacking if you stand still. Because of this, it is best to be dodgy, jumpy or generally evasive when fighting with a one handed sword. Pairing a one handed sword with a shield might seem like a good idea.

Another good strategy is to equip two very fast attacking swords. When enemies come to attack, hold both mouse buttons at the same time to deliver devastating, rapid blows that can quickly cut down even powerful enemies. Pairing fast attack speed with a damage over time status effect weapon makes for an even more deadly strategy.

List of 1-Handed SwordsEdit

Like all melee weapon types, the One handed Sword can be crafted. Below is a list of ways to obtain this type of item: