A Human Introduction is a Starbound codex entry about the Human race, and so far is only available upon the creation of an Human character.

Codex EntryEdit

Humanity was a flourishing
species with a high evolution
rate and extremely hardy in
terms of healing, recovery and
endurance. they were the first
race to engage in space travel,
both for science and 
entertainment, but their
limitations restricted them to
their own solar system.
Eventually they began to war
amongst themselves more
frequently, and with Earth's
resources depleting, returned
to the space race as each of
the world's superpowers
attempted to claim and colonise
new planets. While in the midst
of a particularly lengthy
struggle to claim Mars, the
humans observed a Beast From
Beyond The Stars crash land on
World leaders were heard to 
exclaim 'it's like something out
of a sci-fi movie' and 'we'd
better run for it' and 'maybe
it's friendly, let's not be hasty'.
(This person was later fired.)

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