A Ludicrous Annoyance is a Starbound codex entry about the Apex race, and as such can usually be found in Apex bookshelves.

Codex EntryEdit

How am I meant to further the
Apex species when our labs get
attacked? And by a member of
the Ring of Thorns, no less.
That Thornwing will get an earful
next time we have cocktails.
I sent my elite Miniknog guards
to clean up the mess. Doctor
Lax's body was gone. What kind
of lunatic kidnaps a body! Oh
well. Probably eaten by Florans.
Managed to recover some of
the notes and that, so I've
hired another doctor to carry
on with the research.
On the plus side, my Miniknog
spies were able to track down
that annoying blogger who kept
posting NDA-protected
information. He's hiding out in a 
human prison, of all places.
Might place a call to Thornwing
to deal with him, I guess.

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