The Abandoned Mine is a feature commonly found on Forest planets. 

Though there's no obvious evidence of the race, the former inhabitants were likely Human.


The outside of the Abandoned Mines usually have small camps, made up of a couple Basic Tents, Large and Small Wooden Crates, Steel Chairs, and Campfires . The crates will almost always contain at least one item, and may vary from small amounts of Pixels, to Flares or Flashlights , to seeds and other basic food items. The main parts of these mines feature vertical shafts, features sections of Wooden platforms placed often to make for safe ascension and descension. Further into the mines, small stations can be found, with crates and Metal Barrels, containing more supplies. You may also find underground camps, with a basic tent and a campfire next to it.

Abandoned Mines are sparsely lit, if at all, and initially are only lit by a couple of Spotlights.

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