Adventurer's Armor
Adventurer Armour
Type Armor
Race (?) Human
Shield-15px Defense 280
Energy-15px Energy 80
Health Icon Health 170
Rarity Rare
Sell Value 0 Pixels
Crafted With 20x Refined Violium
Crafted At Separator's Table

Adventurer's Armor is a tier 5 Armor set for Humans.

As a Separator set, the Armour is designed around close combat, sporting lots of armour and health, with smaller energy reserves.

Armor Pieces and StatsEdit

Armor Piece Armor 50% Defence Energy 50% Energy Health Icon Health
Adventurer's Helm 85 25 50
Adventurer's Chestguard 140 40 85
Adventurer's Pants 55 15 35