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Aegisalt Ore

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Aegisalt Ore
Item AegisaltOre
Type Material
Sub-Type Ore
Rarity Common
Tooltip It's aegisalt. Can be used for smelting or repairs. Select ore and right click pickaxe.
Sell Value No Value
This item cannot be crafted.
Material In Aegisalt Bar

Aegisalt Ore is an ore found most commonly on any planet with a threat level of 5 to 8 in Sector X. The colour of Aegisalt Ore is lime-green and is easily mistaken for Uranium Ore which is a darker shade of green. It is recommended that the player explores level 5-6 worlds to get Aegisalt before expanding elsewhere, as it can be harder to obtain lower-level materials on higher-level worlds. Aegisalt cannot be used to repair despite the description.

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