Agaran Puffball Hat manikin
Agarans are a race of mushroom/fungi people. Not much is known about them.

Agaran villages and totems/shrines can now be found anywhere. They were first seen in the update v. Offended Koala. Mushroom chests spawn in houses in the village. They will say things like, "Nab nab, squishfish, nab nab."

The Agaran's damage does not scale to threat level, but their health does. Agarans on high level planets will be killed by their environment after some time.

The Agarans have Mushroom Gunshops, where they sell world leveled tier weapons, such as guns and legendary melees.

It seems that the Agarans do not like water because a small fountain atop their biome is called torture device . This also aids the argument that Agarans are more sinister than they appear.

A common theory among players is that the Agaran were once Florans who were either altered by a fungal infection, or mutated naturally over time. These theories have yet to be proven, but are popular speculations.


Agaran villages can be found at the following locations:

Alpha SectorEdit

  • Alpha Tau-1 Gru 8559 IV 8, A level 1 Forest planet found at the coordinates: x=-51598683, y=72064947.
  • Alpha 17 Dra 3523 I c, a level 1 Forest planet found at x=-7071031, y=1519938. Slightly to the left of the dropzone. Further left is a small Apex laboratory.
  • Alpha Al Kab 52 V, a level 1 forest planet at: x=5607096; y=-95799007. Go a little bit to the left (watch out for steep drop after the first mushroom house)
  • Alpha Parcomium 66 V x=31289322 y=-20994968 To the right for a bit.
  • Alpha Iota Leo Minoris 1, level one forest planet. x=-38339465 y=-50541014 Right of spawn, long walk. First you'll find a infected Apex lab, then Agaran villages.
  • Alpha Menkalinan Minoris II - x=-43616067 y=41631820 . Large village very close to the right and reasonably close to the left of spawn, and presumably distributed around the whole planet.
  • Alpha Elnath 237 1a - x=-92683733 y=48055234 Small shrine and boiling pots to the east of spawn point. At the shrine they are very talkative.
  • Alpha Turies 4882 1 - x= 25749951 y= 83972046 Level 1 Forest, immeadiately at the dropzone.

Gamma SectorEdit

  • Gamma Necrocia 8787 II c, a level 3 Jungle planet at the coordinates: 123456790x, 987654315y.

Delta SectorEdit

  • Delta eta Cen Majoris I, a level 4 Tentacle planet at the coordinates: -36775122x, 87016342y.

<h3>X Sector</h3> <ul><li>X Asgardion 6795 II, a level 10 Arid planet found at the coordinates: 10726009x, 15490691y. </li></ul>

Another location of them is at "Castor Cluster I". X: -869958265 Y: 664798999


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