Codex EntryEdit

by notable Avian critic Roger Seabi
Billed as 'the great Floran novel'
by its Glitch publishers, Floran
Peace had a lot to live up to. It
does, of course, fail on all
accounts. The savage plant-
species may be skilled hunters,
but this skill does not translate
to the page. The novel is a 
mess of plot ideas that go
nowhere, with everything being
resolved via stabbing.
Character development is
nonexistent, and it's impossible
to warm to any of the
protagonists give their 
propensity for murder. The
middle section, particularly
puzzling, is simply a fifty
thousand word diatribe against
the Hylotl. Despite the old
adage, it seems that for the 
author Florstab, the sword is in
fact mightier than the pen.

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