An Apex Introduction is a Starbound codex entry about the Apex race, and so far is only available upon the creation of an Apex character.

Codex EntryEdit

From as far back as Apex history
can be traced, all that is known
is the rule of the majestic Big
Ape and his benevolent
Miniknog. Of course, Apex
history only reaches back about
one hundred years, due to a
series of accidental fires,
explosions and rogue mech
accidents which destoryed all of
the archives ever.
Big Ape assures the populace,
however, that he has been in
charge since the dawn of time,
and will continue to be in charge
until the last star supernovas.
any Apex who steps out of line,
says the wrong thing, eats the
wrong banana or looks at one
of the many hidden cameras in
a funny way will be subjected
to Miniknog Therapy, designed
to improve the species. In fact,
all Apex should volunteer for
this. Sign up now.

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