An excerpt from Floran Peace is a Starbound codex entry about the Floran race, and as such can usually be found in Floran bookshelves.

Codex EntryEdit

by Treeio Florstab
The Floran diplomats stood
talking amicably as the Hylotl
representative approached.
"Filth!" the Hylotl cried. "Have
you no shame, standing here
with your leaves and flowers,
defying the very laws of nature?"
The Floran diplomats turned and
looked at him, as one.

"Perhaps we should stab him,"
suggested Diplomat Barkskinner.
"I concur," replied Diplomat
And so they stabbed him, and
the soiree continued with much
merriment and feasting, and all
the other species agreed that
the Floran way of life was
admirable. Finally, Diplomat
Skulldrainer stood up and began
his speech.

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