Avesmingo tooltip
Type Food
Sub-Type Ingredient
Consumable Yes
Rarity Common
Tooltip Avesmingo, the plant of a 100 different flavours.
Sell Value No Value
Material In Tropical Punch
Avesmingo Ice Cream
Farmed With Avesmingo Seeds

The Avesmingo is a food item, described as the "Fruit of 100 Flavors". It is red and bears a mango-esque appearance, sprouting from a tall green stalk with other, smaller fruits of varying colors. These smaller fruits are not harvestable, and are likely unripe Avesmingos. It can be grown by planting Avesmingo Seeds, which require two tiles of tilled dirt to grow on. The plant itself occupies an L-shaped space within a 2x2 tile area during all stages of growth.

Avesmingo growth