Bio Shirt
Bio Shirt Tooltip
Type Armor
Sub-Type Vanity Item
Equip Slot Chest
Rarity Rare
Tooltip A bioluminescent shirt.
Sell Value No Value
This item cannot be crafted.

The Bio Shirt is a chest-slot Vanity Item. Although labeled as rare, it appears much more commonly inside of Glowfibre Chests.

When the Bio Shirt is equipped in the Armor slot, it grants the player the Glow effect (similar to using a Yellow Stim Pack) for the duration it is worn.

Full OutfitEdit

Sample Locations (Upbeat Giraffe)Edit


X Y Planet Obtained By Details
737805716 848195116 Beta al Niyat 6755 I c Glowfibre Chest On planet's surface
259313003 938685709 Alpha Skios Minoris III Glowfibre Chest On planet's surface

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