The sounds of fighting had died
down. I saw the creature, the
assassin, stalking out of the
building, seemingly content with
its work. I waited, then
cautiously made my way out,
towards the test chamber, the
door ajar.
I peered inside, unsure of what
I'd find. There, Doctor Lax lay
slumped inside a large capsule,
a syringe stuck in her neck,
pumping what appeared to be a
combination of Formula F an H
into her veins. She was dead,
of course.
Whatever had been inside the
test chamber originally was long
gone. But Doctor Lax's notes
remained. This... this changes
everything. What we've been
doing, what we've been working
towards, it's an abomination.
How could Big Ape condone this?
My next blog post will blow this
whole thing wide open. I'm going
into hiding. I need to make sure
I'm safe, and then I'm blowing
the whistle on all of this. The
Miniknog - Big Ape himself -
must be stopped.

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