The Formula F test subjects are
producing great results. At
least, that's what I'm told. I
like to think I have a great
understanding of my work, but
even then, I can't fathom
exactly what's going on here. It
doesn't help that half the
results are redacted.
I feel like my role here is to
press buttons and flip switches,
and nothing more. Doctor Lax,
when she bothers to emerge
from her test chamber at all,
simply snatches the results
from my hand and stalks off.
It's all very disconcerting.
Lax has been especially jumpy
lately, too. She's surrounding
herself with Miniknog guards,
even having them search us
each day as we enter the lab.
It's no longer an enjoyable
working enviroment. Still, at
least we have Big Ape's visit to
look forward to.

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