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Blueprints are items that can be used once, to learn the specific crafting recipe or tech mentioned in the item's title, and are distinguishable by their bluish striped item border. There are new recipes for all kinds of different items like equipment, food and furniture. There currently appear to be blueprints for every racial weapon and armor in the game, generally sold by racial merchants, though all of them may not be accessible yet.

They can be learned by putting them in your hot bar, then left or right click with it selected. Once learned, tech blueprints will show up at the tech station on your ship and a crafting recipe will show up at the required crafting station.

Blueprints can be found in chests on a planet surface, underground or in storage items placed in villages, castles and other NPC dwellings like boxes, cupboards, shelves etc. blueprints can be found during missons

Known blueprintsEdit







  • Mushroom Block

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