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The Bone Dragon is a massive bone dragon that shoots fireball projectiles at the player. It is the third boss in the


The Bone Dragon boss.

game and is summoned upon activating the Decoy Princess. The boss drops a Dragon Bone upon death, which is used in crafting the Starmap Upgrade MK4.

Strategies Edit

Unlike prior bosses, the Bone Dragon cannot be easily trapped and it will not spawn underground/"inside". The fireballs that the dragon uses as its only attack are quite potent in the Gamma sector, and also leave a damaging residue behind on the ground, meaning that great care must be taken to avoid them.

  • A good way to take care of this boss is by getting 3 - 6 turrets and building some walls above the little hut you build yourself so you can also shoot him safely while your turrets do the most damage. Note that the dragon needs to be able to see you. (you can also apply this onto an avian pirate ship where he will get even more damage)
  • The easiest way is to summon it on top of an Avian pirate ship; they'll help you to kill it almost instantly.
  • The Bone Dragon's only current attack is shooting fireballs. All one needs to do is dodge them and fire at him; however, the large size of the fireballs and their wide spread means that this is often easier said than done. It is recommended to use high level tech, such as the Gravity Bubble Tech, to make this task easier.
  •  It is recommended to keep moving in one direction during the boss fight or at least to have a large combat area, as the residue lasts for a fairly long time and will likely nail players with smaller battle arenas.
  • The dragon also deals fairly high melee damage and has a large hitbox, so guns and bows are the preferred weapons for this fight. Note that the dragon's feet do not seem to be part of his hitbox, which is centered in his chest.
  • An Avian Dungeon can be used as a make-shift bunker when fighting the Bone Dragon. The brick is impervious to the Dragonbreath attack and the shape of the dungeon renders the Bone Dragon unable to score any hits on the player, so long as they remain inside the Dungeon. From here, it is simply a case of spamming the Bone Dragon with ranged weapons, preferrably an Assault Rifle.
  •  If you find it too hard or want to kill it quickly, It may help to level/make an arena to fight the Bone Dragon in and place a load of defence turrets down. They can be made for 1 pixel each in the 3D printer on your ship. A single defence turret will deal miniscule damage but around 10 will chip a decent amount of health off. 
  • Using guard NPCs from a Guard Spawner before spawning the dragon could also prove effective, but it could be pricey.


Video Gallery Edit

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