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Bosses are powerful enemies found at the end of missions as a challenge for the player to defeat. They have high health and powerful attacks, making them much more difficult than normal enemies.

Bosses must be defeated in order to progress into the game's storyline and unlock the next mission. Defeating each boss awards the player with a quest completion, sometimes with rewards (e.g. defeating Dreadwing awards the processor).

Bosses Edit

Erchius Horror Edit

Erchius Horror
Main Article: Erchius Horror Edit

This is the game's first boss, fought at the Erchius Facility during the mission Lunar Base. Unlike other bosses, he is not directly attacked - the player must instead interact with levers around the room. It attacks by summoning enemies and firing erchius lasers.

Dreadwing Edit

Main Article: Dreadwing Edit

This is the game's second boss, fought during the mission Dreadwing. It can also be summoned using the distress beacon (unable to obtain through regular gameplay). It consists of a penguin piloting a UFO which has a range of attacks and can spawn penguin enemies to attack the player. A shield is recommended.

Shockhopper MK I

Shockhopper MK I Edit

Main Article: Shockhopper MK I Edit

This boss is fought during the mission Mechanical Testing. It replaced Fatal Circuit and using the inactive robot (unable to obtain through regular gameplay) will summon it instead.

Giant pink monster Edit

Jelly King
Main Article: Giant Jelly Edit

This is the only pre-Upbeat Giraffe boss still in the game, summoned using the Peanut Butter Trap. As of now, this boss is purely optional as its drops do nothing.

The Bone dragon Edit

The bone dragon is a "removed" boss that can be summoned by typing /spawnmonster dragonboss after typing /admin

There is no known other way to summon it yet. It can drop 5 dragon bones, a dragon claw, and a codex titled "Bone Dragon".

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