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20131206075936!Penguin UFO

The first boss, the UFO

Bosses are powerful monsters that must be defeated in order to progress further in Starbound. They have high health and unique behaviors that can make subduing the boss a difficult endeavor.

Each boss has a specific item they drop. The item is usually used to create a new crafting table, which will allow you to build a star map upgrade and travel to a different sector. (EX:The Active Robot Boss always drops a processor, which can be used to craft the Robotic Crafting Table, which, in turn, can then can be used to craft the Starmap Upgrade MK3.)

Note: Bosses as of now are summoned to advance to new tiers and sectors, whilst "Mini-Bosses " can be found on planet surfaces.


Lvl. Range Name How to Summon HP Count Drops
1 Penguin UFO Boss Craft and interact with a Distress Beacon 300 HP 5

Molten Cores

2 Fatal Circuit Craft and interact with an Inactive Robot. 1125 HP

5 Processors

3 Bone Dragon Craft and Interact with a Decoy Princess. 2000 HP 5 Dragon Bones
4 Giant Jelly Craft and interact with a Peanut butter Trap . 3000 HP 5 Endomorphic Jellys
Unknown Tentacle Comet Cannot be summoned 600 HP Unknown

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