Bows are Ranged Weapons used to get Raw Steak and Leather from killing most natural enemies. As opposed to other ranged weapons which can be clicked repeatedly or be held down to fire, bows require the player to hold down their attack key to charge up a shot. A shot will increase in damage and distance depending on how long a player charges the shot, with the maximum distance and damage being indicated when the bow's sprite blinks for one frame. An arrow fired at this time will have a different sprite, and will leave a trail behind it. Charging a shot past this point reverts it to a normal shot, lowering its distance and damage slightly.

Bows consist of the Hunting Bow, Iron Hunting Bow and the Compound Bow

The Compound Bow is currently the strongest version of the standard hunting bow.


With the Upbeat Giraffe update the Steel Hunting Bow was replaced by the Compound Bow, and the Cupid's Bow has been removed from the game as well. Sprites of a "Titanium Hunting Bow" have been found, it is unknown if it has been added into the game as of this time.


  • Town NPCs will refer to bows as "Guns"
  • The bow will not charge if you are holding a secondary item