Brain Extractor
Brainextractor infobox
Type Weapon
Rarity Rare
Tooltip Terminating a common monster with this gun will extract its brain.
Sell Value No Value
Crafted With Makes 1
350 x Pixels
10 x Steel Bars
Crafted At Metalwork Station

The Brain Extractor is a gun that enables the player to obtain brains. Enemies killed with this gun can drop Inferior Brains as well as the Superior Brains needed to make the Robot Head, a part of the Inactive Robot.

As a weapon, the Brain Extractor is significantly less powerful than most other weapons of its tier, with a short range, high energy cost, and relatively low DPS. This makes severly injuring monsters with an efficient weapon before finishing them with the Brain Extractor a popular strategy when trying to acquire a Superior Brain.

The brain extractor only has a 7% chance of yielding a superior brain: 93% percent of the time, the user will recieve an inferior brain, which do not currently have a use. As 20% of monsters do not drop any brains, the overall chances of getting a superior brain from any given monster are about 5.6%. Note that NPCs do not drop brains when killed with this weapon, and tend to drop a food item instead.

Note: As of a recent update, (We're looking around the Giraffe segment here!) you are unable to get this weapon in your inventory without the use of mods or cheats.

Brain gun

Avian holding a brain extractor

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