Bubble Boost
Type Item
Sub-Type Tech
Sell Value No Value
This item cannot be crafted.

Bubble boost is a tech which enables the player to jump even further. When used, the player will glide through the air while releasing bubbles, adding the jump range of the player. It is also a counterpart of the Butterfly Boost.


  • To use the tech, first activate it, then hold space + direction (W, A, S or D) while in the air.
  • This can be used for diagonal movement.
  • With higher-tier armours providing high energy regeneration, it is possible to use this tech to "fly" almost indefinitely, by using it repeatedly in short bursts.


  • Like the Energy Dash, this tech is useful for avoiding and escaping from enemies, and increasing jump range.
  • This tech uses energy pretty quickly, so make sure to watch your energy if you want to use other techs.

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