Butterfly Boost
Butterfly Boost
Type Item
Sub-Type Tech
Sell Value No Value
This item cannot be crafted.

Butterfly boost is a tech which enables the player to jump even further. When used, the player will be engulfed by a pink bubble that releases butterflies. While engulfed with the bubble, the player will float on mid-air, adding the jump range of the user. 


  • To use the tech, activate it first, then hold space+ direction (W, A, S or D)while on the air.
  • This can be used for diagonal movement.
  • With higher-tier armours providing high energy regeneration, it is possible to use this tech to "fly" almost indefinitely, by using it repeatedly in short bursts.


  • Like the Energy Dash, this tech is useful for avoiding and escaping from enemies, and increasing jump range.
  • This tech uses energy pretty quickly, so make sure to watch your energy if you want to use other techs.

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