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Capture Pod
Type Item
Rarity Common
Tooltip Throw it at a small grounded monster below 50% health. Maybe you'll get lucky.
Sell Value 0 Pixels
Crafted With 8x Steel Bar
Crafted At Creature Capture Station

The Capture Pod is a consumable tool crafted at the Creature Capture Station. They are used to capture (I.E. tame) wild beasts, turning them into Pets.


Capture Pods can be used by first damaging a creature below 50% of its maximum health, and then throwing the pod at it. Capture Pods are destroyed if they miss the monster and instead hit a block, so if on a monster hunt some back-up pods are a must. After the monster is caught a Filled Capture Pod will be obtained, which will release the monster if thrown. In order to retreat the monster the player can either throw another Capture Pod at them or let them get killed by non-player damage.

Pets don't teleport back to the player's ship and are lost if done so.


  • The way capture pods are used seem to resemble Poké balls in Pokémon, as the player has to damage the monster to make it easy to capture.
  • Pets captured by the Capture Pod can be retrieved by killing the pet by any manner, Sawblade Trap or Poison Water being examples. Throwing another Capture Pod at the Pet will also cause it to revert back into a filled pod.
  • It seems to be impossible to capture critters, flying creatures or larger monsters.

Video GalleryEdit

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Starbound How-to Capture Creatures Combat Pets Tame Pets - Beta Guide

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