During the Character Creation process in Starbound, the player will be able to choose between the available seven races. The player will also be able to choose the sex of the chosen race.

Choosing a SexEdit

Some races in Starbound do not use standard sex symbols.


The Apex, Avian, HumanHylotl and Novakid use standard sex icons. 

The Floran use the Blue flower to represent Male and the Red flower to represent Female.

The Glitch use the Plug to represent Male and the Socket to represent Female.


Each race is unique and as such has unique customizations. The only customization options that are the same for every race is Shirt, Pants, Personality, Shirt Color, Pants Color. There is a Randomize option for people who would rather go that route. Here is a list of the customization options for each race:

Human: Skin Color, Hair Style, Shirt, Pants, Personality, Undy Color, Hair Color, Shirt Color, Pants Color.

Avian: Feather Color, Plumage, Shirt, Pants, Personality, Beak Style, Fluff, Shirt Color, Pants Color.

Apex: Fur Color, Hair Style, Shirt, Pants, Personality, Skin Color, Beard Style, Shirt Color, Pants Color.

Floran: Skin Color, Foliage, Shirt, Pants, Personality, Leaf Color, Flower Color, Shirt Color, Pants Color.

Hylotl: Skin Color, Fins, Shirt, Pants, Personality, Belly Color, Fin Color, Shirt Color, Pants Color.

Glitch: Paint Color, Head Mod, Shirt, Pants, Personality, Lights Color, Detail Color, Shirt Color, Pants Color.

Novakid: Plasma Color, Corona, Shirt, Pants, Personality, Deposits Color, Brand, Shirt Color, Pants Color.

After the player has finished customizing their character, they will then name their character and then select Create Character.

Beta Character CustomizationEdit


A beta version of the character creation. Notice how the novakid is not implemented yet.

Note: This beta character creation has features missing that the full game will have (for example, it is missing the novakid race).

Currently it includes six of the seven races, and a large amount of customizable features.

More features may be added as the game develops.

A link to where you can use this is here.

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