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To cheat in most games requires a Mod or Modification to the game or and external application like Cheat Engine, However there are some cheats that can be performed using no downloaded content. WARNING! this guide involves modifying game files. Do not proceed to edit game files if you are unsure of what your doing.

These Cheats works as of July 31st 2014

Recipe Cheating for armourEdit

This will only work for items that are not randomly generated in the game e.g guns, melee items.

Part 1Edit

Firstly you want to go to items folder then into the armour folder and go into any of the race folders, for this demonstration I will be using Avian folder. Now I would like the tier 10 armour, so i go to the tier 10 folder and then look for 3 special files. They are .HEAD, .CHEST, and .LEGS. The proccess is the same to cheat in each item. For the helmet simply right click the file and open with Notepad, Wordpad or Notepad++. At the top it will have a string called "itemName" and the name of the item will be in quotation marks. You want to copy the name of the item for the next part.

Part 2Edit

Now that you have the name of the item you want to exit out of the folder without saving and go back to your assets folder. You want to head to the recipes folder now. Go to recipes -> starter -> stonefurnace. this is a list of all the recipes for the stonefurnace. Right click on the CopperBar.RECIPE file and open that with a word proccesor as you did when you open the .HEAD file in the previous part. Under "Output" it will say "item" : "copperbar" . you want to replace the copperbar with the name of the armour item you got in part 1. Now save and close the file. Start up Starbound and smelt 2 copper ore in a stonefurnace, you now have you armour item! this can be repeated for every armour item. but it is Highly reccommended to change the recipe back to the way it was after you have finished messing with it. Otherwise you will not be able to smelt copper the normal way.

Spawn Probability CheatEdit

This cheat allows you to acquire rare items in the game extremely fast like tech upgrades, as well as allowing you to gain a lot of ore without having to look too hard for it.

Part 1Edit

Go to your Starbound/assets folder again. Now click on the Biomes folder, you will see a file called disributions. This file tell's the game the chances of a chest, special terrain type, mini boss or random encounter to spawn. Before you modify this folder it is Highly recommended to back up this folder first, Setting the spawn rates too high will crash the game.

For Biome chests, Normal chests, and Tech chestsEdit

Open the distributions folder with Notepad, Wordpad or Notepad++ and Scroll down Until you see "undergroundChests" and "undergroundtechChests" Or do Ctrl F on your keyboard and type in "tech", for biome chests look for "minibiomeChests". Below will be a "blockprobability" with a number next to it, that is the probability of which it will spawn. you can replace that number to a higher value to up the spawn rate on the spawning of the chests but do not set it too high or this will crash your game. e.g typing the the following values, 10 = 1000% chance to spawn, 1 = 100% chance to spawn, and 0.5 = 50% chance to spawn. Really for this you can just replace he number with 1. Do the same for the "undergroundChests" and/or "minibiomeChests" if you want more of those as well. Save the file and Start up Starbound again


for ores you want to go into the other folder called Ore distributions. The layout is a lot better when opened with Notepad++ but you can still open it with any other word processor software. at the top it shows "surfaceOres" and the number to the left shows the Planet threat level of which the ore will spawn on. going from 0.5 to 9.5. For example if you wanted more Cerulium ore, scroll to the far right and you will see it with a low spawn rate number next to it, change the number of both of them to 10 which will spawn that ore 1000% more on the surface. Scrolling back to the left, in-line with Cerulium shows that it can be found on planets with a threat level of 6.5 or 7.5 so ideally head to a threat level 7 planet to get the ore. Save the file and Start up Starbound again


This particularly works well if you have already modified the spawn rates for chests as above. in the distributions folder that can be located in Starbound/assets/biomes. Scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see "veryRareItem" with a "blockProbability" number next to it. change that to a higher value knowing that 1 = 100% spawn chance. Also look for "rareItem" in the file which should be near above "undergroundChests". Also change that to a higher value to increase chances of a rare item. This will work better with the chest spawn rate increase due to making it a lot easier to get a rare item these can be Guns, melee weapons etc.

Part 2Edit

now that you have modified the spawn rate of Chests and/or Ore's you need to load up your Starbound but now you need to fly to any other planet that you have never visited before to allow the game to generate another planet with the new spawn conditions. What you should find is after beaming down to the planet, Chests everywhere! if you modified the chest spawn rate and you don't have to dig far at all for a tech chest! just look for a nearby cave and there will be a load of the in there!. As for Ore's like in the example you will have to fly to a new Threat level 7 planet. when you arrive walk around for a bit and you should notice a lot of ore near the surface.

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