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The following list contains useful coordinates for each sector. These are subject to change as patches may affect biome generation. Specifically, the most recent patch that broke old coordinates was Furious Koala, meaning that if you are playing Enraged Koala, you can use coordinates from Furious Koala, but not from Angry Koala.

A more in-depth table of coordinates by release can be found here.

Alpha SectorEdit

Discovered By: Coordinates: X, Y Planet Name: POI Type POI Description: Tested Version: Mac or Windows
Mercaholic75 66813024, -89038404   Alpha Helgavisa 591 III Avian Village and Merchant Right when you beam down to the left like 4 steps Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015) Windows
Termonder -59539589, -54082620 Alpha Alpha Tuc 934 V a Native grape vines, Pulse Jump, Apex Lab The chest with Pulse Jump is just right of the spawn. Grape vines can be found spread out across surface. At roughly the opposite side of spawn is large Apex Lab Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015) Windows
Radanna97 21297453, 34009957 The Alpha Delta Sct 7903 VII-a Mushroom Village, Many Gun/Weapon Merchants, Glitch blacksmith and sewers Closest Gun Merchant is to the left of spawn, but going either way you will find more gun merchants! Lots of Mushroom houses. Glitch blacksmith and sewers found if you walk to the right. Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015)  ???
Haiova -8342443, -27673899 Alpha HR 6 Phe Minoris II c Floran Temple / Cultists / Various Chests The new Floran Prison that comes with Furious Coala, there are various cultists and chests in surface, go to right or left, the planet is so small. Great place to get your first gun. Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015) Mac
Mei Sikai -86462208, -47546491 Alpha Wonton 47 II c Florans, numerous flowers, Avesmingo seeds Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015) Windows
Syn -46950394, 75870631 Alpha Delta Cru 12 II Floran Town Huge Floran town to the left of spawn point; the planet suffers from meteor rains. Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015) Windows
Williezk 46390252, 93312289 Alpha 2 UMi 24 II Settlement Walk left for a bit.
A small village of possible Apex test subjects.
Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015) Mac
Williezk 46390250, 93312275 Alpha Eps Eri Minoris IV d Apex Town Walk left Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015) Windows
Williezk 46390250, 93312275 Alpha Eps Eri Minor IV b Crystal Laboratory Walk right for about 3 to 4 minutes, and you will find an Apex Crystal Laboratory. Make sure that you have something warm because the planet is a snow biome. Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015) Windows
Williezk 46390198, 93312268 Alpha Delta Vir 08 II Avian Village Walk left. There are some arms dealers with guns and other high-damage weapons. Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015) Windows
HoWell -29365902, -80214619 X Iraculi 2540 II C Dogs, Glitch Town Go left, you'll find ~12 Dogs. A bit after that there is a large Glitch Town Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015) Mac
Clarky214247 -47113310, 47794406 Alpha GG Lup 3226 II a Glitch Castle Go left, Chile peppers on way to Glitch Castle, May get Crown. Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015) Windows
 ??? -90471489, -52298586 Alpha Eta Cyg 481 IV e (Arid Biome) Avian Temple, Frog Biome Head left over the hill. When you see a bridge over a poison sea, there is a cave right befort the bridge, not connected to the surface. Dig straight down that cave and you will come to a very rocky, Avian Tomb style, cave. There you find a frog merchant and lots of Pixels. The fountains are like those big Pills from the surface, give you Jump Boost, Healing or 25 Pixels. Digging to the left and you find 2 more frog merchants. Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015) Windows
Dorian Green 70074948, -30940054 Alpha Nu Vir 48 lll a (Forest Biome) Large Apex Settlement and Apex Lab You spawn about 50 bloks away from an Apex lab to your left, keep going left for a few minutes and you'll end up at a huge apex village. Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015) Windows
PsychoCZ -72429266, 43037493 Alpha W Boo 019 II b Sun Poker (Legendary sword) Go left, you will find mushroom people, go more left and you will find chest with Sun Poker Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015) Windows
ValentineVxx 28246737, 68738599 Alpha Chi-1 Ori 26 III Apex Laboratory, Interrogation Table, Chili Spawn Next to Poison, To Right a Random Room with Alarm, Walking a bit After it There is a Chili Plant. To Left (Very Close to Spawn) Apex Lab, Interrogation Table in it. Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015) Windows



Alpha Zell Majoris IIIa

USMC Base, Glitch Blacksmith,Clothing Merchant

Head Left for the USMC Base. Head Right for the Glitch Blacksmith and Clothing Merchant. Angry Koala 9/01/14 Windows
Spooky 21297453, 34009957 Alpha Zell Majoris VII-a Mushroom Village Go left for the mushroom cillage and Gun & Weapons Merchants. Angry Koala 9/01/14 Windows

Nathan / 71129035, 94409797 / Alpha Theta-2 Tau 13 I a / Cultist outposts and an Avian Tower. Cultist ouposts scattered around the right side of the map, Avian tower far right. Chest are common in and near cultist outpost, and contain weapons, ore and blueprints. Found Pizzap and All seeing eye bluprints. / Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015) / Windows

Silent Wolf / 90488571, 78507477 / Alpha Iota Psc 19 III c / Glitch medieval village (large) a short distance to left from the spawn as well as a chest with the Orion Poker (legendary sword), miniboss to right of spawn, further right eye trees and plants as well as chest with a eye door blueprint. / Enraged Koala (Jan 26, 2015) / Windows.

Beta SectorEdit

Discovered By: Coordinates: X, Y Planet Name: POI Type POI Description: Tested Version: Mac or Windows:
Latias1290 61997187, -4391419 Beta Eta Crv 143 I (Forest) USCM Military Base

Glitch Village

Walk left for about 2 to 4 minutes, and you will find a deep cliff going down. On the base of that cliff is a USCM Military Base. Be careful going down, as falling down even halfway can kill you. Also watch out for the pools of poison water.

The snow planet also has a Glitch village to the left.

Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015) Windows
Fides -69232049, 8766403 Beta Chertan 034 III a Bunker and Town (Merchant) Head left for twenty seconds, there's a small bunker with a few interesting things- then head left another twenty seconds and there's a huge avian town with at least eight merchants. Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015) Windows
Marc Dragonstorm -19123348, -88737358 Beta Terminatus Majoris I d Tool spawner, (empty) sewer After a looong way left (about 15mins + fighting) you´ll reach a small Human overland bunker with 2 guard bots and a chest with the spawner. On your way you will see an outhouse with the sewer, but there are no chests or something. Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015) Windows
Marc Dragonstorm -19123348, -88737358 Beta Terminatus Majoris I 6! Bone Chests,    2 Apex- Labs, Boneboo, Bones really really huge planet with very much tar surface, all 6 chests are on the surface Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015) Windows
Evil-Nilson 21297445, 34009958 Beta Al Minlar 62 III b (jungle) Avian merchant ship X go left untill the snowy part is over and you will find a Steel chain to the sky. The Weapon Dealer will be found on the top left. Same system, small desert moon (62 III) has a Human Bunker to the left and about a 35 sec walk past it there will be a hole/cavern you can go in leading down to Heck. Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015) Windows
thetang22 7034008, -96714629 Beta Kyatz Minoris VI c (Jungle) Apex Research Laboratory Found in abandoned lab a minute or 2 to the left of the spawn point. Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015) Windows
Syntax_Error752 -379229, -19650985 Beta Gordon 34 III a (Jungle) Trapped Apex Pod Head left of the spawn point for about 5 seconds. The pod is gaurded by a knight and is in a poison pond. Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015) Windows
seishun 1828534, 6105748 Beta Mebsuta 994 II (Forest and Savannah biome) Savannah- Loads of Coal, Apex Settlement, Crystal Biome.
Forest- Wizard Merchant, Glitch Castle
The original author forgot the system and had incorrect Coordinates, I added what I could. Head right for Glitch Castle (With nice decor, and two or three chests. Be wary of Knight.) Head left for one large chest and a WIzard. Enraged Koala (January 4, 2015) Windows
Spooky -43520078, -61166579 Beta X0-4 381 b Avian Village There is an avian village immediately to the left of the landing location. Enraged Koala 1/25/15 Windows

Gamma SectorEdit

 Discovered By Coordinates Planet Name POI Type POI Description: Tested Version:
SmileMaster -31687518, -11005842 Gamma Per 516 V b Glitch Castle Go left
TailsTheFox777 x: 5182919, y: 75407884. Gamma Torcularis Majoris II, Jungle. Sewers To the right, there is an outhouse. Go down and enter the sewers. It will take a few minutes to get to the outhouse. Angry Koala
ZenmasterFK 59877436, -70634394 Gamma Parcomium 549 I a Gun Merchant To the left there is a Pirate Airship, with some surface diamonds next to it. It also has a realy nice shotgun. (visit it in delta too, another ship is in the same position) Offended Koala
Ninilac -90242404, 77658614 Gamma lambda UMi 4960 I Pirate airship Go to the left and you'll find a pirate airship. (check out the other planets too, you'll find some dungeons) Angry Koala
Arbie2 1234567890, 9876543215 Gamma Necrocia 8787 II a/d A: Glitch village

D: Floran village

A: to the left, quite close to spawn

D: To the left, may take a few minutes

offended koala
LordTemujin 7120334, 57299091 Gamma Saif Al Jabbar 55 IV (grasslands) Crystal Laboratory Spawn inside of the laboratory Angry koala
BiDoubleU 59877436, -70634394 Gamma Parcomium 549 II Laboratory Go left and you'll find it soon Angry Koala 05/01/2014
Dioalen           -13716862, 92629624 Gamma Garnett Star Majoris I (grasslands) Pirate Boat On the Left (few min walking) Angry Koala
Maximus 59877436, -70634394 Gamma Parcomium 549 II Tech Chest (Dash) Keep going left and you will find a normal chest, keep going further left and the tech chest is in a small cavern, but visible from the surface. Angry Koala
SoloProlo 999999999 999999999 Gamma Mezzgorg 6531 II a Tech Chest: Morphball

Laboratory Chest: Phoenix Emblem

You have to walk to the right, its all over the ground Angry Koala 10/01/14
Escuix 59877436, -70634394 Gamma Parcomium 549 I a Tech Chest: Morphball To the right, follow screenshots when you are in the place.

1) / 2) / 3)

Also if you go a little further to the right there will be an air ship.

Angry Koala 24/01/14
Guy from Russian Community. 97200253, 83217041 Gamma Alpha Lac Majoris III (grasslands)  Tech Chest: Gravity Bubble Go left until you find Cultist House. First chest is in first hole to the left from house. Second one is in second hole to the right from house.

Edit:There is also a Floran temple if you keep going left for about 2-3 minutes. 

Edit: Another minute past the prison is a Glitch Wizard and his house. 

Edit: If you keep going left past the Wizard there are two mini-bosses about a minute apart from eachother. 

Edit: Less than a minute to the right of the spawn is a Glitch King in a small house.

Angry Koala
Aknot -54589262, 57182008 Gamma Alpha Ara Majoris III (Desert)  Tech Chest: Rocket Jump Go 20 meters right until you find Tech Chest on the ground. 

Edit:There is also a Glitch Tech temple if you keep going left for about 3 minutes. There is 2 chests inside.

Furious Koala
Chaoscreature7 30406140, -43787015 Gamma 10 Dra 8298 I (Arid) Pirate Boat few mins to the right of spawn Furious Koala
Tryangle 92031901, -33427425 Gamma HR 3497 889 VII a (Desert) Stim pack merchant Merchant's castle is 5 seconds to the left of teleportation spot. Furious Koala
Tryangle 92031901, -33427425 Gamma HR 3497 889 V b (Savannah) Matter Blocks Temple containing an elusive matter generator is 15 seconds to the left of teleportation spot. USE the matter generator, don't attack or pickaxe it. Furious Koala
GridOverwatch 783, 776 Gamma Aeria 26 II c (Forest) Matter Blocks Temple with 2 Hi-Tech Chests and matter generator. Head left. Furious Koala
GridOverwatch 30406140, -43787015 Gamma 10 Lac 8298 I a (Arid) Avian Pirate Ship Avian pirate ship with gun merchant. Head right for ~2 minutes. Furious Koala
1/2/14 (Reconfirm 8/19/14)
GridOverwatch 94606933, 39835109 Gamma Iota Cen Minoris II (Desert) Matter Blocks; Rocket Jump Tech; Butterfly Boost Tech Head right 1-2 minutes look for holes with visible from surface tech chests (1st has Rocket Jump; 2nd has Butterfly Boost). Head Left for temple with 2 Hi-Tech Chests and matter generator. Enraged Koala
Falense 30406140. -43787015 Gamma 10 Dra 8298 II Stim pack vendor To the left of spawn, in his castle Furious Koala 1/2/14
Falense 30406142,-43787006

Gamma Sadalsuud Majoris I b (Grasslands)

Plenty of structures including a few apex labs and a larger temple Head to the left of spawn, a lot of different goodies along the way to the temple. Past the temple there is still bandits and chests. Furious Koala 1/2/14
Legor -69232022, 8766418 Gamma Chi Lup 5700 II b (Arid)

Floran village

Abandoned Prison Tower and Small Abandoned Guard Shack

Nice Floran Settlement pretty far to the left. Several chests in it.

Both are guarded by turret machines, contain chests. Go left, they're before the Floran Settlement

Warning: High gravity and wind storms



Gerk -54589262, 57182008 Gamma Alpha Ara Majoris III (grassland) Gravity Neutralizer Tech, Avian Villiage Go right for a couple of minutes. green tech chest will be on surface of planet Furious Koala
CipherLynx -54589262, 57182008

Gamma Alpha Ara Majoris III (desert)

 Lab with Tech Chests, Agaran Prison  Go right about 10 minutes, after lab you'll see Agarans with captured Floran. Furious Koala


-54589260, 57181964

Gamma Luna Minoris II a (jungle)

 Agaran House, Floran House, Avian Tower  Go left or right, it's small planet, you'll see eventually all buildings one by one.

Furious Koala


-30247037, -41616014

Gamma Epingi Majoris IV Miniature village Dig down starting from spawn, watch out for lava, a few crystals on the way, look right for soft brick (White Bricks), the village is half a screen or so into it. Furious Koala 02/16/14
MrGlouglou -30247037, -41616014 Gamma Epingi Majoris IV a Avian village Go to left from spawn, you should eventually enter a 20 screens or so Avian village. (Remember to sheath your weapons) Furious Koala 02/17/14


-50169728, -95375681

Gamma Sulafat 984 I c (savannah) Miniature village, Avian temple, Crystal Biome Avian temple is to the left. To the right, the second tunnel down and to the right will lead you right to the village. Look for soft brick. Crystal biome is past the tunnel, not too far. Furious Koala 02/16/14
MrGlouglou -30247037, -41616014 Gamma Epingi I USCM penal facility

Go to the left from spawn, you should eventually enter an USCM penal facility. (!) Armed prisoners (!)

Furious Koala 02/17/14
Sygun -51610212, -34407512 Gamma Alpha Ant 59 III Matter blocks, Large Lab, chests with good melee weaps head right 30-60 secs . Either dig into through the roof or keep going and enter through the entrance Furious Koala 16/03/14



Gamma Skios Minoris I


Rainbow Biome, Glitch Castle You will find the Rainbow Biome several times. In Rainbow chests you find the Rainbow Cape and blueprints for the Rainbow Unicorn Statue and the Rainbow Painting (in this order when you go right). The Glitch castle is to the left.

Enraged Koala


Asdfghjkl noob



Gamma Terminatus Minoris II


Eye Biome To the right there are many Glitch structures with demons (I got Terrifying Wings drop). An Avian temple to the left.

Enraged Koala 


Asdfghjkl noob 87504954,


Gamma-2 Nor 1289 III a


Threat Level: 3

Two flesh biomes. Avian Airship. 2 Glitch Wizards, Glitch King. Straight to the left there are two flesh chests, the first has a flesh door blueprint. Keep going left and there is a glitch wizard, short way after is a tech chest containing gravity neutraliser blueprint. Go left further and there is an avian airship. Continue left and there will be a small glitch structure with a glitch king in. Not far after there is a second glitch wizard. Shortly right from spawn is a third flesh chest containing a flesh table blueprint.


Confirmed again (12/16/2014)

Enraged Koala


Delta SectorEdit

Discovered By: Coordinates: X, Y Planet Name: POI Type POI Description: Tested Version:
Statueofmike X: 13810623
Delta Atria 795 III a High-Tech Chest, Flowers galore, Avian temple

immediately next to spawn, on the right in water. Contains Rocket Jump. Going left for a few minutes will give you a flower extravanganza. Past that is the Avian Temple, and then after that is more flowers. Just go left on this planet, there's butt tons of flowers and chests in the caves. ( also there is a tech chest to the direct right of spawn containing rocket jump)

Warning: Meteor Showers

Enraged Koala 03/20/14
Strifes xD X: 13810623

Delta Atria 795 III (forest)

High-Tech Chest, Glitch Town Head left, before you actually reach the village there is a cave dipping down with a high-tech chest (the cave is RIGHT before the village), has human mech tech. The glitch town has several weapon shops Enraged Koala 2/26/14
Netzgeist -9653647, 22336870 LOLfefewffewfwefew 5871 I Settlement Glitch castle, head right for ~2 days. Angry Koala 12/18/13
Striblezz 87510534, 78900340 Delta Parletty 0823 V a Air Ship, Surface Diamonds Air ship just to the left of spawn point. Surface diamonds scattered around the planet. Angry Koala 12/18/13
KickMeElmo -35478269, -25506555 Delta Gamma Cas Minoris III (grasslands) Glitch castle, tech, plasma pistol Head left from the spawn, the tech and gun are in two of three chests on the way, the castle's at the top of a large incline. Offended Koala
ColorJuice -67451374, 2928613  Delta Gamma CrB Minoris VI B      Glitch Shrine, Chests, Avian Tomb You start out at the Glitch Shrine, go left and encounter some bandits, You will see two chests after the bandits, they both have very good guns, after the chests you will find an Avian Tomb (I dont know what its suppose to be called) with good weapon drops. Angry Koala
ColorJuice -67451374, 2928613  Delta Gamma CrB Minoris VI A     Avian Town, Glitch Jail (small) To the Left is the Avian Town (not very long) to the right (very close) is the Jail. ** Does not exist anymore** Enraged Koala
Sandbird -90242322,77658832 Delta Beta Sge 43 II a Moon base Right on the spawn. Angry Koala
LordTemujin 33741759, 77866400 Delta Rho Sco 25 II b(desert)      Pirate Ship, Primitive Altar You start out in a Desert Home, go right for one day/night cycle and you should locate the anchor, another day to the right and you will find the altar. Angry Koala
Ben -8160490, -29872717 Delta Assimilia 2839 II b Laboratory Right on the spawn. Angry Koala
LordTemujin 70265013, -97282846 delta canoodle minoris II b(grassland)     Avian tomb Go right for one day and you should locate the tomb just under the surface at the beginning of the tentacle biome. Angry Koala




Delta Xini Minoris VI 6 Tech Chests and a lot of Chests(Guns) you walk a long way to the left, after 3 min you will find the first 2 tech chests. still walk to the left you will find them in the laboratory Angry Koala 11/01/14



Delta HR 1107 Cep 765 III b(Arid) Avian Villiage and Market Right on the spawn. Going left, there is merchants selling foods and weapons.

Angry Koala


- 72548250


Delta Horsebutt 1338 II c


Apex City Go left, in 5-10 minutes you'll see it.

Angry Koala



- 72548250


Delta Horsebutt 1338 II d


Laboratory Go left, it's very close to spawn point. You'll find an underground part of laboratory with acid pools and Tesla Spikes on the walls. There is little Avian house above it, after it you'll see safe part of lab. Go further to find trees and plants that drop crystals. Angry Koala

- 72548250


Delta Horsebutt 1338 II e


Apex City You'll spawn right on store's roof. Angry Koala

- 72548250


Delta Horsebutt 1338 II f


Avian Village and Market

Go left. In village you'll find many merchants who sell weapon, blueprints and fruits. Don't forget to put on a Survival System.

Angry Koala

- 72548250


Delta Horsebutt 1338 III


Floran Prison, Mini Labs with Tech Chests

 Go left. Angry Koala

- 72548250


Delta Horsebutt 1338 IV


Laboratory  You'll spawn near it. Angry Koala

- 72548250


Delta Horsebutt 1338 V


Floran Prison  Go left, soon you'll see another Floran Prison with very agressive Florans. Angry Koala
The Dearly Beloved OWL



Delta Maya 493 VI Tech Chest with ButterflyBoost Blueprint Go right, on surface

Angry Koala


- 81742649

- 96631593

Delta Kaus Australis 581 III


 2 Glitch Castles  Go left. In 10-15 minutes you'll see the first Castle. Angry Koala






Vixxarius 74

Tech Chests, Guns, Floran Prison, Lab´s, Apex City, Pirate Ship, Human Prison

This System is like a bag full of toys and candy.


Angry Koala
Ixmore -16647872, -71662611

Delta Nu cen Majoris I (Tentacles)

Delta Nu cen Majoris I a (Volcanic)

Cell Chests: Estimate of 5**, Bubble Boost, Cultist shack, Floran prisons

Crystal Labratory on moon

Cell chest under ground **needs elaboration**

2 days of walking left has the bubble boost tech, it's on the surface. There's a cultist "shack" with a chest, and past that is TWO Floran prisons (one right after the other)

Crystal Labratory to the left of the starting point of the moon (No crystal lab on moon as of Enraged Koala)

Furious Koala
Evil-Nilson 21297420, 34009939 Delta Euterpe Minoris I Avian merchant airship (weapon dealer) go left untill for a short time and you will find a Steel chain to the sky. The dealer will be found on the top left.

Furious Koala (05/02/2014)

Ojama9000 -36196850, -7444740 Delta 2 Cen Majoris III (desert) Apex Dungeon (human mech tech) go left, you'll start seeing parts of it just below the ground, if you keep going you'll find the actual entrance Furious Koala (08/02/2014)
Allan -20682695,89918830 Delta Megrez 667 1(tundra) tech big planet with almost everything

Furious Koala




Delta Exibiir 806 VIII c (Desert Lvl 4) 2 Techs Walk right. When the desert begins, take a look in the second cave (looks like a Y). Found the Targeted Blink Tech right below the surface. When you walk on for a few minutes, there is another cave right before the Glitch Smithery. When you're going down, you find the Gravity Bubble Tech.

Enraged Koala (23/02/2014)




Delta Lacrecille 108 III d

Avian Ship

3x Cloth Seller

2 Mini Boss


Avian Ship about 3~5 mins


2 Bosses + 3 Cloth Sellers

Enraged Koala (09/03/2014)

X SectorEdit

Discovered By:

Coordinates: X, Y Planet Name: POI Type POI Description: Tested Version:
TwinklePink -2, 144

X Horsebutt 163 III (Lvl 10 Jungle)

Slave Sword Going Left find Heritic with a Slavesword in chest.  Careful of the Acid rain Enraged Koala
Sirithil -52928782, 39426056 X Aei 912 IV c Avian Temple Temple almost immediately left of spawn. Rice grows in the forest and there is a soft brick layer underground. Angry Koala
KickMeElmo -73129412, -21190215 X Eps Hya 51 III b (L10 Jungle) Tech Tech chest is a short distance to the left of the spawn, in a small gap directly to the right of the first structure you come across (security outpost). Angry Koala
Zhalas -59044264, 59114017 X Acubens 2906 II Avian airship, rocket launcher, chef spawner Level 10 Weapon merchant. Go left until you find a ship anchor. Rocket launcher on surface. Go right from spawn. Look for a chest. Chef Spawner in wooden chest on surface; go left for half a day. If you hit a corrupted biome, you've gone too far. Angry Koala (25/12/2013)
KickMeElmo -20937307, 85402693 X Markeb 346 III a (L6 desert) Avian merchant villagey A very short walk left of spawn, there's a large avian merchant village with around a dozen food, weapon, and clothing merchants.

(Frog merchant also found deep underground- Pashoo)

Angry Koala
Rakatan -52999157, 51733892 X Markeb 2019 II e (L5 savannah) Avian airship

Airship a few minutes left. Also a legendary sword under the airship in a simple chest

Furious Koala
KickMeElmo -17349322, 59864351 X Gamma Phe Minoris IV (Level 6) Significant surface Aegisalt Ore deposits, Avian temple, 2x tech Avian temple is just left of spawn, both tech chests are -far- to the right of spawn, the first in a chest in a surface pond, the second a short distance past that. Offended Koala
KickMeElmo -5967079, -73041907 X Segin 879 III a (Level 8) Significant surface Cerulium Ore deposits, apex lab, tech, giant flowers Apex lab contains a stim spawner, three giant flower chests are scattered around the giant flower areas with blueprints for giant flower items. Offended Koala
KickMeElmo 35, 89 X Herculis 139 I b (L5 Forest) Floran Village, chef spawner. Floran Village is a short distance to the left of the spawn, the chef spawner is in one of the leftmost buildings in a chest. Angry Koala
Unknown 32704544, 41511041 X 29 Cyg 00 II Grenade launcher, floran village. Legendary grenade launcher in a double chest on the surface. Go left. Before it there is a primitive platform. If you go further left, there's a Floran Village. Angry Koala
Unknown 37095610, 45280123 ​X Beta Equ 421 I d Grenade launcher, Avian airship, Avian dungeon. Go left. Avian merchant ship and go left to find locker with "Killenator" - grenade launcher. Go to the forest plant and go left to find an Avian dungeon and some small buildings just past it. Angry Koala
Matutin 37095510, 45280139 X Suhail 476 IV b (Tundra lvl 10) You spawn on a Glitch dungeon, on the botom there is a matter generator and a tech chest. On the same planet I've found 4 more tech chest heading left (all of them on surface level) and found 2 legendaries (a bonehammer and a watersword). Head left. Angry Koala
Sandbird -90242314,77658842 X Homam Minoriss III a Asteroid field with lots of small labs that each have a weapon inside. There is at least 2 in each direction: NW, NE, SW, SE. Lack of oxygen makes it hard though. You need to do multiple tries. Angry Koala
Mojito000 -77348232,-23331745 X 54 Leo 67 III Avian Village. Head left. Angry Koala
Rob The Builder 33823495, 90714675 X Unba 009 III

Asteroid fields, a) significant amounts of Rubium Ore b) many small dungeons, lots of lvl 10 firearms.

everywhere, dozens of them, bring oxygen providing backpack. Angry koala
videlsan 31841853,83928038 X Alpha Lac 4466 vb Sewer. Head left, beware of occasional acid rain. Angry Koala

- 81742639

- 96631605

X Sualocin 70 II

(grasslands lvl5)

 Pirate Ship.  Go left, in 5 minutes you'll see anchor. Angry Koala

- 81742639

- 96631605

X Sualocin 70 V

(tundra lvl5)

 Avian Village and Market  Head left for 10-20 minutes. Angry Koala


- 62805338

X Dracocia 080 I 

(tentacles, lvl5)

 USCM Colony.  Go left for 5-10 minutes. Angry Koala


- 62805338

X Dracocia 080 II a

(arid, lvl5)

Apex Laboratory with Tech Chest (Bubble Boost Blueprint)  Go right for 2-5 minutes. Angry Koala


- 62805338

X Dracocia 080 IV

(tundra lvl5)

Apex Village, Tech Chest (Targeted Blink Blueprint)

Go left for several minutes to find a Village.

Tech Chest is found in caves under spawn point, search between icy and mushroom mini-biomes. There is also wooden chest with spawners.

Angry Koala


- 62805337

X Thanatos 37 I 

(desert, lvl5)

Apex Village, Apex Colonies

Go left to find a village.

Colonies are scattered across the planet.

Angry Koala


- 62805337

X Thanatos 37 I b

(tundra lvl5)

USCM Colony.  Look left from spawn point. Angry Koala


- 62805341

X Alsafi 829 I

(volcanic lvl5)

Pirate Ship.  Go left until you see an anchor. Angry Koala
Guy from Russian community

- 353

- 549

X Delta Vel 248 I a

(jungle lvl8)

 Tech Chest: Human Mech  Go left until you see mini-lab. Chest is in tunnel to the right from lab. Angry Koala



X Pikka 7434 II

(Grasslands lvl7)

Avian Village and Market, legendary shotgun "Badass Rageshooter" in large chest in middle of village.

Go left. Be aware of acid rain. Furious Koala



X Theta-2 Tai 20 I (jungle lvl5) Abandon Apex Lab, Glitch Village  Go left for approx. 5-10min to reach large Glitch village. Go right for Abandon Apex Labs. Furious Koala



X Ondor 12 IV (Biome Arid Level 9)  Bandit Camp, surface chests Go to the right to find the bandit camp, a pirate coat, and a legendary rocket launcher. The rest of the planet contains surface chests to the right. Furious Koala

- 54589278


X Beta Hyi Majoris II a

(tundra lvl5)

 Floran Prison.  Go left about 20 minutes. Prison Guards drop some really nice weapon. Furious Koala
Syn -5732910 -1419421 X Cephei Minoris III b Arid Lv9 Human Mech, Rare sniper rifle, Avian tower Go right about 15 mins before you meet a tower with two robots. Along the way is a rare sniper rifle and a couple of minibosses. After the tower, you will find an Avian tower. Furious Koala 2014-02-09
CipherLynx - 75794074, -77489153 X 79 Cet Majoris I (desert lvl8)  Neonmelons, strange npcs that give grapes when they die.

Right on spawn. Go right to see more houses of unknown people. 

Here's couple  of screenshots.

Furious Koala
Syn 36499698 67499071 X Errai Majoris I (Moon 10) Avian Ship Go left (no interesting weapons sold though) Furious Koala 2014-02-10
Syn 19313087 85499322 X 78 UMa 642 III (Snow 10) Apex Lab Go left, difficult fight as enemies have sniper rifles Furious Koala 2014-02-10
Syn -55848522 96552400 X 70 Oph Minoris II (Jungle 10) Flesh sub-biome chests, Glitch village, Dinosaur Head Vanity Item, Glitch Mage Vendor Go left, found approx 4 flesh chests in the sub-biomes; then a glitch village, then a chest with dinosaur head near solarium ore field, then the mage vendor. Among these there is a glitch hostile knight house. Furious Koala 2014-02-10
Syn -7328794 -26661991 X Almach 60 I (Tundra 10) Geometric sub-biome chests (5 or more), USCM bases Try to travel through the whole planet to discover all the Geometric theme chests (with special furniture blueprints usually). Furious Koala 2014-02-10



X 14 Her 467 VI (Tundra Lvl 10) 2 Legendary Weapons, 2 Floran Prisons, Gravity Neutraliser Tech

Go left and past the Floran Prison. Where snow meets blue dirt there is a Chest on a small Hill with the Legendary Machine Pistol "Strikeenator" ~1550 dps. When you come to the Apex Lab with the acid sea, you're too far.

From the Spawn point head right. In the second Glitch-Tower with 2 Robots there is the Legendary Teslastaff "Lightning Rod" with ~2300 dps. Right below the Tower there is a Cave with the Gravity Neutraliser Tech Chest. It's close to the surface. Head right to come to the second Floran Prison.

Furious Koala

Throw The Cheese -71006065, -46648323 X Baten Kaitos 9134 I a (Moon Lvl 9) Glitch Castle Go left, you'll bypass a chest somewhere near a cave and you'll find a full-sized Glitch castle. There is also a chest on the castle bridge. Furious Koala
Throw The Cheese 47873430, 50035347 X Alkaid Minoris I a (Volcanic Lvl 7) Floran Dungeon / Jail Go left. A few minutes by there should be an entrance. Furious Koala



X Mu Cen 943 IV (Tundra Lvl 10) Glitch Castle, Legendary Rocket Launcher Move left and search for chests on the surface. Found the Rocket Launcher in the second chest, hope this is no random drop. After a minute or two there will be the castle. Furious Koala
Syn 61560312 -41729032 X Zeta Lep Minoris IV (Glassland lv10) Glitch Castle, tech chest, two dogs Right immediately underwater, there is a high-tech chest with tech; to the left two cute dogs (pets:)), and a large Glitch castle; found a magic-scroll backpack vanity item. Furious Koala 2014-02-17



X HR 8799 Peg 849 VI c (Savannah Lvl 10) 2 Techs Go left. First the Pulse Jump Tech, after a few minutes the Targeted Blink Tech. Both in chests on the surface.

Furious Koala




X Theta Dra 128 I (Volcanic Lvl 10) Avian Ship  Go left quite a ways. Furious Koala 17-02-2014



X Gamma PsA 37 IV (Tentacles Lvl 10) Tech, Apex Jump Puzzle Right at the start you see the first of two Tech chests. The entry is to the left. The second Tech chests is half the way around the planet on the surface. Found the Morphball Tech in both of them. Furious Koala



X VV Cep 78 IV

(Tundra Lvl 10)

Huge Avian Village, Saxaphone, Guitar, Food Vendors, Weapon Vendors Biggest Avian Village on this list. Couple of minutes to the left(I used Bubble) Worth it though. Full Phoenix Armor(except Head I believe), Full Raven Armor, Extremely High dps Weapons when I visited (3.5k dps 2H damage 3842!!) 5-6 Weapon vendors. Lots of food vendors (5-6) & food plans. I found Guitar in a treasure chest. And then a saxaphone in the village chest towards the end. (I haven't explored the entire world yet either). -LiquidBHK

Enraged Koala





X Cygnus X-1 7080 II b

(Jungle Lvl 10)

Legendary Weapon, Avian Dungeon Go right and you will come to a small Apex Laboratory. Found the Legendary Bonehammer in the chest. 2 Minutes left of the Spawn there is the Avian Dungeon. Enraged Koala
Le Spacewhale



X Alnilam 2997 I b

(Desert Lvl. 5) [Meteor Showers]

USCM Penal colony, and unknown village, primitive chest As soon as you warp down you should see a primitive chest to your left. Keep heading in that direction and you will find a Penal colony and an Unknown house. Engraged Koala 2/25/14



X Canis 0560 III (Forest Lvl 10) 2 Avian Ships, Chest, Blueprint, Glitch Demon Lord Walk around the planet and you'll find about 7 of those evil Glitch Demon Lords with Wings on them. In an Eyechest I've found a Blueprint for the "All-Seeing Helmet". It's made at the Spinning Wheel.

Enraged Koala




X Kuro 647 VI b (Desert Lvl 10) Avian Village, Tech, Blueprints Walk to the left. You should face the Village after 2-3 Minutes. All over the planet I've found 6 Sandstone Chests, 4 of them with Blueprints for Torches, Tables and the Chest. Somewhere in an open Cave you can slightly see a Tech Chest with the Gravity Bubble Tech in it. 

Enraged Koala




X Theta Per Majoris VI

(Tundra Lvl 10)

Apex Jumping Puzzle, Tech, Chest, Blueprint, Legendary Just move to the left. You will see strange new trees. When you are in the Jumping Puzzle (Human Mech Tech at it's end), you will see a big cave over one of it's rooms. In that cave I've found the Legendary Watersword. Moving further to the left there are 2 Geometric chests with Blueprints. After that, there will be another Tech Chest I've found the Butterfly Boost in.

Enraged Koala




X Scheat Minoris II a

(Magma Lvl 10)

Avian Town

Right where you beam down.

EDIT: On X Scheat Minoris IV b

there is a Crystal Biome with a Crystal Lamp Blueprint

EDIT: On X Scheat Minoris VI

Move left. Legendary Assault Rifle "Corpserazer" in Chest on Surface, Sewer Dungeon, Rocket Jump Tech in open Cave (half around the Planet)

Enraged Koala





X Eps Mon Minoris V b

(Moon Lvl 10)

Human Mech Tech, EyeSword, Floran Prison

(7/26/14 Floran Village no eyesword or floran prison misinformation by poster)

When you beam down, head left just over the hill, and there will be a tech chest and a normal chest. The tech chest contains the Human Mech. Head left for a really long time until you reach two more chests next to each other. One will contain the EyeSword. Head left just a little ways, and you will encounter the Floran Prison.

(EDIT) If you head right, there are several chests along the way. You will find decent guns, a shield, and a Vinetian Mask.

Enraged Koala





X Sigma Gem Minoris V

(Tundra Lvl 10)

Doctor Spawner, 2 Abandoned Mines Head left, and you will see the two abandoned mines. One is after the other. If you head right, you will encounter a Mini-Boss next to two chests. The two chests contain a sniper, and a Doctor Spawner.

Enraged Koala





X Omicron-1 31 Cyg 611 II b Glitch Castle

Go Left

There's a magic hammer and nylon guitar in a chest on the 2nd floor along with throwing boulders.

Royal chest on the 3rd floor has a gold shield along with a royal chest in the right tower. (Transcended Daggerdeflector, Golden Smaherizer, etc.) also banana seeds

Enraged Koala

April 16, 2014




X Alifa Minoris III b (Level 6)

Glitch Castle

Go Left for the glitch castle

Also rainbow section to the right

Enraged Koala

April 16, 2014




X Alpha Pyx 808 VI a

(Level 10 - snow)

Glitch Castle Go left for the glitch caste. Chef spawner in chest.

Enraged Koala

April 18, 2014




X Alpha Pyx 808 VII

(Level 6 - tundra)

Violin Go left, chest in crevice has violin

Enraged Koala

April 18, 2014




X Alpha Pyx 808 VII a

(Level 5 - tundra)

Glitch Castle, Instrument Go left, saxophone in glitch chest in caste on 2nd or 3rd level

Enraged Koala

April 18, 2014




X Alpha Pyx 808 IX

(Level 7 - tundra)

Gravity Bubble Tech, Gravity Neutralizer Tech, Butterfly Boost Tech, Chef Spawner, Lead Guitar Huge planet, in order going left - Chef Spawner in mushroom pit in chest, Gravity Bubble Tech in High-Tech chest in cravice, Lead Guitar in crevice in chest (you can't see it from the surface), Gravity Neutralizer tech in High-Tech chest in crevice, Butterfly Boost Tech in High-Tech chest in crevice (faster going right for this one).

Enraged Koala

April 19, 2014




X Alpha Pyx 808 X

(Level 9 - snow)

Bubble Boost Tech Deep in crevice after an igloo, inside High-Tech chest under water

Enraged Koala

April 19, 2014




X Alpha Pyx 808 X b

(Leve 8 - volcanic)

Rocket Jump Tech, Targeted Blink Tech Go Left, both techs are in crevices inside of High-Tech Chests

Enraged Koala

April 19, 2014



X Sigma Gem Minoris IV

(Savannah Lvl 10)

USCM Base, Rust Biome, Agaran Go to the left and you will see a "Giant Fungal Pod" and two high-tech chests in the poison water beneath it. You will also find the Rust Biome with 3 Ice(???) chests and the rust door blueprint along with enough metal coated wood.

Enraged Koala





X Skat 378 V

(Snow Lvl 6)

2 Apex Labs, Overdrive Guitar, Frog Merchant with bunch of dogs Go to the left and you'll meet a small house instantly. Move further left until you meet the first Apex lab. If you go on watch out for a small chest with an Overdrive Guitar in it. Next follows another Apex Lab. Move on and you will find a little iglu with a box. Keep going some more and you will find the Frog Merchant with a bunch of dogs.

Enraged Koala




X Triaci Minoris II

(Desert, Lvl 9)

Rainbow Biome, Apex Jumping Lab, Tech Going right you will find the Rainbow Table Blueprint in the first Rainbow chest. After some time you will come to the second chest with the Rainbow Chest Blueprint in it. Going left you will find the Apex Jumping Puzzle with a Gravity Bubble Tech at its end.

Enraged Koala


Grahckheuhl -78850455, -41959964

X Gamma Ara Majoris  I b 

(L10 Forest)

Mushroom Forest, Agaran Village/Merchants and Mushroom Blueprints, USCM Base

Immediately right of spawn is a epic flying monster. Go left to find a USCM Base. Continue left to find several Agaran Villages with weapon merchants and mushroom biomes. Many mushroom chests with some mushroom blueprints. (Be prepared to explore the entirety of the planet surface to find everything-- it's a lot!)

Enraged Koala


Professor McFluffles 52846599, -63794499

X Eta CrB 5217 I

(L10 Desert)

Two avian Pirate ships (level 10 guns and blueprints for sale), Legendary Bonehammer, Green Tech Chest (I found Bubble Boost)

Go left to find the first pirate ship. Bonehammer is on a chest on the first ship. Go left a little more to find the second ship.

Green tech chest is JUST to the left of a small outpost with the two robot shielded guards. It is underground, but you can see it from the surface.  There are quite a few of these and no matter which way you go you will probably pass two or three before you find the right one.

Unverified and old coordinatesEdit

These coordinates could not be verified because either they were from Angry Koala or before, or they did not have a version number attached, making it not possible to determine if they are incorrect or they are from before Furious Koala. (The planet generation system was changed in Furious Koala, making all planets generated after that version different from before it, even if they have the same coordinates.)

Alpha Sector Edit

Discovered By: Coordinates: X, Y Planet Name: POI Type POI Description: Tested Version: Mac or Windows
Netzgeist -59044278, 59114025 Alpha Graros Majoris I Tech: Pulse Jump Apex lab with tech. Go left Angry Koala  ???
Lucifer9669 -1444486, -34877301 Alpha Kyatz 20 II Avian town. Left of spawn (Confirmed: 12/28/13) angry koala 12/23/13  ???
Twerk-Lord 53930474, -71590886 Alpha Malkut 35 III Avian merchant ship Go left  ???  ???
Decimated -10468076, 11265362 Alpha 6 Gem Majoris II Rainbow Chest with Rainbow Cape, Penal Colony Head left, chest is 3/4 of the way to the Prison, careful you might miss it, it's in the plants. (No longer exists in Furious Koala, confirmed 1/30/14) Angry Koala 12/20/13  ???
Baron Harvey 68343466,
Alpha Leporis Majoris VI Glitch Castle Go left. Should take 30-60 seconds if no monsters to get there. Beware of Meteorite Showers. Angry Koala, discovered 12/29/13  ???
Nayners 31841203, 83927699 Alpha 79 Cet 9485 I a Toxic chest with Flower Backpack, Sewer Dungeon Head left for Toxic Chest, farther left is Sewer Angry Koala  ???
unknown 77963977, 75087163 Alpha Andromidae Majoris V (snow) Glitch houses and Wizard There are multiple glitch houses on this planet, including a Wizards house. Angry Koala  ???
Kodawn -38217954 -9477148 Alpha Ratatoskr Majoris IIa Human Bunker On left Angry  ???
Kodawn -79856553 -34133144 Alpha Kyren 46 Va Avian Temple/Mausoleum To left Angry  ???
Emenii 46844925 42110610 Alpha HR 8799 Peg 6642 VIII Hostile Human Camp Left  ???  ???
FilipinoBoiii -92786912 44641082 Alpha Ascella 08 II Apex village Left  ???  ???
Lawls 91362035 90263301 Alpha Phact 30 VI b Floran Prison, Glitch castle Lots of trees and coal, there's a Floran prison which can be entered from the left or the right. The moon planet it shares orbit with, has a big Glitch city directly to the left, I've found instruments here.  ???
Xander -108 47 Alpha GG Lup 480 II a Jumping Puzzle Tech On the left Angry Koala  ???
Kodawn -22484302 23793024 Alpha Crateris 9599 Ib & Ia Glitch Castle, Glitch Outcast Hi-Tech Pyramid Castle on Ib to left. Pyramid on Ia to right. Angry Koala 04/01/2013  ???
SoloProlo 999999999 999999999 Alpha Atomilion 35 I c Tech Walk 2 min to the right. It´s over the ground Angry Koala 10/01/2014  ???
Kiss Cutepetal -60122278 -57044735 Alpha Embroxillia Majoris V (nickname: "Sssinchia") Human Pyramid High Tech, Low Gravity to left Angry Koala 01/14/2014  ???
Williezk -86462208, -47546491 Alpha Gamma CrB Majoris I Glitch Village Just beam down. You materialize right on a roof! Angry Koala (1/19/14)  ???
Zula -93624306, -4428769 Alpha Delta Vel VI a Glitch house, Avian house Forest. Glitch House is just to the left, Avian house is further along Angry Koala 1/19/14  ???
Zula -93624306, -4428769 Alpha Delta Vel VI b Pulse Jump Tech, Mushroom Village, Apex Laboratory Forest. Tech is to the left, Village is to the right.  Chili and Sugarcane Angry Koala 1/19/14  ???
Zula -93624306, 4428769 Alpha Delta Vel 820 III a Avian Ship & Merchant Arid. Left of spawn point. Sells Hatchling's Circlet Blueprint, The Carver Blueprint, Brick-on-a-stick Blueprint Angry Koala 1/20/14  ???
Zula -93624306, -4428769 Alpha Delta Vel 820 III b Apex Village, Avian house Snow. Left of spawn point.  Feathercorn seed, corn seed Angry Koala 1/20/14  ???

Beta Sector Edit

Discovered By: Coordinates: X, Y Planet Name: POI Type POI Description: Tested Version: Mac or Windows
Netzgeist 59877411, -70634401 Beta Skaarj 794 II a Merchant Various seeds and style clothes merchants in a huge city directly left from the spawn (Also a good place to settle). Also explore I c (better avian village) I d ( Glitch crystal lab) left Angry Koala  23/12/2013
DarkFyre -66429435, -79427308 Beta Delta Vir 1500 I  Pulse Jump and Avian Ship Go right, eventually (long time) you'll find a Hi-Tech chest with pulse jump, go even further, there'll be a Avian Ship with a merchant that will sell guns.(Not there anymore) Angry Koala  23/12/2013
BiDoubleU 15, 17 Beta Al Kaphrah 0055 I b Prison Go left and you'll find a large prison. Angry Koala  04/01/2014
tomestone247 -72425769 -87535210 Beta zubenhakrabi 474 I e Laboratory Head left and you will find it in no time. For me the chest has pulse jump. Angry Koala 07/01/2014
tomestone247 -72425769 -87535210 Beta zubenhakrabi 474 I b Avian village with 2 market places and a small glitch castle. Head left and you will find the glitch castle first then if you head left again you will run into the avian village. Angry Koala 07/01/2014
tiNee -94717115 -8356483 Beta Maximus 35 IV b Avian village on planet land You drop down directly in an Avian village with ~10 to 15 dps melee weapons and clothes vendors Angry Koala 07/01/2014
Guy from Russian Community. 38599492 87147982 Beta Aqr 224 VI b (jungle) Avian Dungeon. Go right for 5-15 minutes. Angry Koala 
Killadoza  36571376 -95427903  Beta HM 442   Prison Go left for a minute  Angry Koala

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