These commands are executed from the chat. Some of them do not work, or are broken. However, the majority of them do work, although they may require some trial and error to use properly.


Here is a list of all the commands in the game:-

  • /admin - Gives privileges to native player, EG: allowing crafting of anything in a selected crafting station. Also grants invisibility + invincibility.
    • /toggleperf - Overlays a fullscreen performance graph over the game, making it difficult to do anything
    • /gravity - Displays local gravity
    • /setgravity - Sets local gravity. (Only effects you)
    • /boxes - Displays collisions (requires debug mode)
    • /clearboxes - gives you all techs
    • /debug - Enables debug mode
    • /itemid - Displays information on given item.( no longer working)
    • /nick - Nickname - Change your nickname.
    • /played - Displays how long you've played this character
    • /pvp - Removed
    • /reload - Reloads local assets
    • /serverreload - Reloads remote assets
    • /showhunger - Shows hunger
    • /spawngun - Removed
    • /spawnitem - Spawn an item. /spawnitem UpgradeModules (Don't go overboard, there are somethings that can't be spawned in)
    • /spawnAI- Spawn an AI
    • /spawnshield - Spawn a shield.
    • /spawnsword - Spawn a sword
    • /spawnliquid [liquidID] [quantity] - Spawns a liquid at mouse cursor
    • /spawnmonster <type> [level] [param] Spawns a monster at mouse cursor
    • /spawntreasure <loot table> [level] - Spawns a random item from the loot table with a desired level.
    • /suicides Kills the player character.
    • /admin

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