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Coordinates are used to find specific systems within a sector. Once the address is entered, the name of the system and planet is required to find the desired location. While these coordinates can be shared between players, the Mac and Windows versions of the game have a different set of coordinates therefore cannot be shared across platform. For Minecraft players, think of a set of coordinates as a seed for the generation of the planets.

Navigation screen, within system, planet view.
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Sectors, Systems and Orbiting BodiesEdit

Navigation is split into several different levels. Sectors are the galaxies in which all the solar systems are located, Alpha is initially available with Beta, Gamma and X unlocked as the game progresses. Systems are the typical solar systems found in galaxies, they are generally a star that may or may not have orbiting bodies. Orbiting bodies are either asteroids or planets , they may have one or more moons.


To travel between sectors or systems you will need to use your spaceship. Once orbiting a planet, moon or asteroid the teleport pad can teleport a player down to the surface or to the set home location.


Useful coordinates link.


If you find yourself checking a coordinate that doesn't have a planet but has been confirmed, ensure that you are in the correct sector.

Ensure that you carry around enough fuel in the event that you want to return back to a previous planet.

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