Coralcreep infobox
Type Food
Sub-Type Ingredient
Race (?) Hylotl
Consumable Yes
Rarity Common
Tooltip The coralcreep fruit turns red when cooked, like a lobster.
Sell Value 1600 Pixels
Material In Seafood Gratin
Ocean Risotto
Salt Salad
Soggy Sack
Stuffed Dirturchin
Ocean Salsa
Farmed With Coralcreep Seed

Coralcreep is a food obtained by farmingCoralcreep Seeds can be found on the planet surface or in chests. It needs two blocks of tilled dirt to grow on. While the full-grown plant appears to be four blocks tall, the plant actually occupies an L-shaped 2x2 block area during all stages of growth.
Coralcreep growth

The three stages of coralcreep growth

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