It is a list of all crafting recipes (still in edit). number In bracket shows how many items you can make.

Player's Crafting WindowEdit

Can be used by clicking the icon on the right or the "C" key on the keyboard.

Items, that you may craft using Player's Crafting Window:

Wooden Items:

Picture Name Wood Planks Unrefined Wood
Wooden crafting table icon
Wooden Crafting Table 35 -
Wood platform icon
Wood Platform 1 -
Wood planks icon
Wood Planks (x3) - 1


Picture Tool Name Plant Fibre Unrefined Wood Coal Iron Bar Commodity
Torch icon
Torch (x2) - 1 1 - -
Climbing rope icon
Climbing Rope 4 - - 1 -
Camp fire icon
Camp Fire - 5 - - Torch
Hunting bow icon
Hunting Bow 1 10 - - -
Bandage icon
Bandage 4 - - - -

Items that you may craft after using the Portable Pixel Printer.

Portable Items:

Picture Item Name Pixels
Reinforced tech block icon
Reinforced Tech Block 50
Smooth metal icon
Smooth Metal 50
Sliding door icon
Sliding Door 150
Red toy block icon
Red Toy Block 50
Smooth plated block icon
Smooth Plated Block 50
Modern platform icon
Modern Platform 50
Hi-tech block icon
Hi-tech Block 50
Steel block icon
Steel Block 50
Light metal icon
Light Metal 50
Cheap light icon
Cheap Light 50
Wall panel icon
Wall Panel 50

Picture Item Name Pixels Bandage Cheap Light
Nanowrap bandage icon
Nanowrap Bandage 50 1 -
Nanostove icon
Nanostove 150 - 1

Wooden Crafting TableEdit

Used to craft basic items.

Items, that you may craft using Wooden Crafting Table:

Camp FireEdit

Used to cook meat.

Wooden Cooking TableEdit

Used to craft Food items.

Items, that you may craft using Wooden Cooking Table:

Stone FurnaceEdit

Used to smelt ore, hover your mouse cursor over it and click 'e' on your keyboard to use.

Same like the Stone Furnace:

- Glitch Furnace

Picture Name Source
Copper bar icon
Copper Bar (2x) Copper Ore
Iron bar icon
Iron Bar (2x) Iron Ore
Silver bar icon
Silver Bar (2x) Silver Ore
Gold bar icon
Gold Bar (2x) Gold Ore
Diamond icon
Diamond (x4) Diamond Ore
Platinum bar icon
Platinum Bar (2x) Platinum Ore
Titanium bar icon
Titanium Bar (2x) Titanium Ore
Aegisalt bar icon
Aegisalt Bar (2x) Aegisalt Ore
Cerulium bar icon
Cerulium Bar (2x) Cerulium Ore
Rubium bar icon
Rubium Bar (2x) Rubium Ore
Solarium rod icon
Solarium Rod (2x) Solarium Ore
Plutonium rod icon
Plutonium Rod (2x) Plutonium Ore
Uranium rod icon
Uranium Rod (2x) Uranium Ore

Yarn SpinnerEdit

Used to craft basic clothing.

Items, that you may craft using Yarn Spinner: (work in process)


Picture Clothing Name Leather
Snow infantry helmet icon
Snow Infantry Helmet 10
Snow infantry chestpiece icon
Snow Infantry Chest 15
Snow infantry pants icon
Snow Infantry Pants 8
Plant Fibre
Fabric icon
Fabric 3


Picture Clothing Name Fabric
Floran pelt chest icon
Floran Pelt Chest 20
Floran pelt legs icon
Floran Pelt Legs 20
Floran leaf chest icon
Floran Leaf Chest 20
Floran leaf legs icon
Floran Leaf Legs 20
Floran hunter chest icon
Floran Hunter Chest 20
Floran hunter legs icon
Floran Hunter Legs 20
Floran furnivour chest icon
Floran Furnivour Chest 20
Floran furnivour legs icon
Floran Furnivour Legs 20


Picture Clothing Name Fabric
Sweat Shirt 20
Sweat Pants 20
Work Shirt 20
Work Pants 20
Cool Jacket 20
Cool Pants 20
Casual Shirt 20
Casual Pants 20


Picture Clothing Name Fabric
Avian Worker Shirt 20
Avian Worker Pants 20
Avian Fancy Shirt 20
Avian Fancy Skirt 20
Avian Commoner Shirt 20
Avian Commoner Skirt 20
Avian Adventurer Shirt 20
Avian Adventurer Pants 20


Picture Clothing Name Fabric
Trainee Shirt 20
Trainee Pants 20
- - -
Traditional Pants 20
Monk Shirt 20
Monk Pants 20
Kimono Shirt 20
Kimono Pants 20


Picture Clothing Name Fabric
Apex Specialist Jacket 20
Apex Specialist Pants 20
Apex Officer Jacket 20
Apex Officer Pants 20
Apex Navy Jacket 20
Apex Navy Pants 20
Apex Commander Jacket 20
Apex Commander Pants 20


Picture Clothing Name Fabric
Peasant Shirt 20
Peasant Pants 20
Noble Shirt 20
Noble Pants 20
Merchant Shirt 20
Merchant Pants 20
Craftsmen Shirt 20
Craftsmen Pants 20

Iron AnvilEdit

Used To craft armor and weapons. It is made with 8 Iron Bars.

to-do-list: - Novakid armor, weapon - avian armor, weapon - floran weapons


Picture Pickaxe Name Pixels commodity Copper Bar
Copper pickaxe icon
Copper Pickaxe 100 Stone Pickaxe 8
Silver Bar
Silver pickaxe icon
Silver Pickaxe 200 Copper Pickaxe 8
Gold Bar
Gold pickaxe icon
Gold Pickaxe 400 Silver Pickaxe 8
Platinum Bar
Platinum pickaxe icon
Platinum Pickaxe 800 Gold Pickaxe 8
Diamond pickaxe icon
Diamond Pickaxe 1,600 Platinum Pickaxe 8


Picture Tool Name Pixels commodity Iron Bar
Iron hunting bow icon
Iron Hunting Bow 150 Hunting Bow 15
Hunting knife icon
Hunting Knife 30 - 10
Lantern icon
Lantern 250 Torch 10


Picture Block Name Pixels commodity Iron Bar
Iron block icon
Iron Block (x3) - - 1


Picture Armor Name Pixels commodity Copper Bar
Copper helmet icon
Copper Helmet - - 20
Copper chestpiece icon
Copper Chestpiece - - 35
Copper greaves icon
Copper Greaves - - 12

Picture Armor Name Pixels commodity Silver Bar
Silver helmet icon
Silver Helmet 20 - 20
Silver chestpiece icon
Silver Chestpiece 30 - 35
Silver greaves icon
Silver Greaves 10 - 12

Picture Armor Name Pixels commodity Gold Bar
Gold helmet icon
Gold Helmet 200 - 20
Gold chestpiece icon
Gold Chestpiece 500 - 35
Gold greaves icon
Gold Greaves 100 - 12

Picture Armor Name Pixels commodity Platinum Bar
Platinum helmet icon
Platinum Helmet 400 - 20
Platinum chestpiece icon
Platinum Chestpiece 1,000 - 35
Platinum greaves icon
Platinum Greaves 200 - 12


Picture Armor Name Pixels commodity Iron Bar
Sprout's Circlet icon
Sprout's Circlet 200 Copper Helmet 20
Sprout's Chestguard icon
Sprout's Chestguard 350 Copper Chestpiece 35
Sprout's Anklets icon
Sprout's Anklets 150 Copper Greaves 12


Picture Armor Name Pixels commodity Iron Bar
Knave's helmet icon
Knave's Helmet 200 Copper Helmet 20
Knave's breastplate icon
Knave's Breastplate 350 Copper Chestpiece 35
Knave's pants icon
Knave's Pants 150 Copper Greaves 12

Picture Weapon Name Pixels commodity Iron Bar
Crunch icon
Crunch 30 - 20
Dagger home icon
Dagger Home 30 - 2
Default 1p0 icon
Default 1.0 30 - 10
Default 2p0 icon
Default 2.0 30 - 20
Ping icon
Ping 30 - 10
Ratchet icon
Ratchet 30 - 10


Picture Armor Name Pixels commodity Iron Bar
Scavenger's helm icon
Scavenger's Helm 200 Copper Helmet 20
Scavenger's breastplate icon
Scavenger's Breastplate 350 Copper Chestpiece 35
Scavenger's greaves icon
Scavenger's Greaves 150 Copper Greaves 12

Picture Weapon Name Pixels commodity Iron Bar
Basic spear icon
Basic Spear 30 - 10
Regular shortsword icon
Regular Shortsword 30 - 10
Sledgehammer icon
Sledgehammer 30 - 20
Shanker icon
Shanker 30 - 2
Regular broadsword icon
Regular Broadsword 30 - 20
Iron axe icon
Iron Axe 30 - 10


Picture Armor Name Pixels commodity Iron Bar
Defector's mask icon
Defector's Mask 200 Copper Helmet 20
Defector's chestguard icon
Defector's Chestguard 350 Copper Chestpiece 35
Defector's pants icon
Defector's Pants 150 Copper Greaves 12

Picture Weapon Name Pixels commodity Iron Bar
The prodder icon
The Prodder 30 - 10
Lil apesticker icon
Lil Apesticker 30 - 10
Thunderpunch icon
Thunderpunch 30 - 20
Simisickle icon
Simisickle 30 - 2
Apesticker icon
Apesticker 30 - 20
Apax icon
Apax 30 - 10


Picture Armor Name Pixels commodity Iron Bar
Puddle hat icon
Puddle Hat 200 Copper Helmet 20
Puddle chestguard icon
Puddle Chestguard 350 Copper Chestpiece 35
Puddle pants icon
Puddle Pants 150 Copper Greaves 12

Picture Weapon Name Pixels commodity Iron Bar
Seastaff icon
Seastaff 30 - 10
Swashbuckler lite icon
Swashbuckler Lite 30 - 10
Rockstriker icon
Rockstriker 30 - 20
Littletooth icon
Littletooth 30 - 2
Swashbuckler icon
Swashbuckler 30 - 20
Scythe icon
Scythe 30 - 10


Picture Shield Name Pixels Wood Planks Iron Bar
Basic shield icon
Basic Shield 20 10 10

Metalwork StationEdit

Upgrade of the Anvil. Requires a Molten Core which is dropped by the Penguin UFO, the tier 1 boss.

Robotic Crafting TableEdit

Upgrade of the Wooden Crafting Table requires a Processor which is a drop from the Robot, the tier 2 boss.

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