The Crystal Biome is a crystallized biome where beautiful crystal flowers and sprouts dot the landscape. This biome is the only place where you can aquire Crystals.


The Crystal Biome occurs on the surface of magma planets and minibiomes. It is charactarized by the crystal trees and plants that are scattered everywhere. The trees have very dull green trunks and colorful crytalline foliage. When downed, the trees drop Crystals, but unlike others, don't drop Saplings, making them very valuable. You can also find small plants with large crystals growing from them. These are simply for decoration, though you can also find crystal growths that drop crystals when damaged. The ground is usually made up of Obsidian and Ash. In addition, you can find Crystal Chests that yeild Blueprints for crystal furniture.


The Crystal Biome is also found underground on any planet. In these caverns, you will find that the surface of the stone is covered in a thin layer of red crystals. The ground is made up of Obsidian and Stone. You will find crystal structures much like the ones on the surface, but these are blue and emit a faint light. They drop Crystals when damaged. Exploration of this biome underground is risky, especially to newer players. There are many pools of Lava. You can also find Crystal Ore in these hot caverns. They have a similar appearance to diamonds, but drop Crystals when mined. You can find unique statues here. Examples are the Stone Pillar and the Worm Statue. Also, on rare occasions, you may find the highly valued Crystal Plant growing in the cave. You can find Crystal Chests here too.


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