A Cultist Pod

Cultists are a group of hostile NPCs. They similar to Bandits. Cultists are definitely human, and very proud of it, especially their leader, Astra Nox.

They say things like "Death to Heathens!" etc. They are fanatics that worship The Ruin. They also believe that they are superior than any other life forms.

Beta Edit

Cultists are purple robed fanatics found in these locations:

  • Altars made from heavy stone bricks.
  • At small pods with sawblade traps.
  • Possibly captured glitch houses.

Post-Release Edit

Cultists are purple robed fanatics found throughout the universe in small groups. They wield various guns and a specially made purple hilted sword with a small amber gem, resembling an eye (the Ruin's eye, in fact).

Other Appearances Edit

Missions Edit

Cultists make several appearances in missions.

The Great Pagoda Library

Cultists are the villians mentioned by [name] who invaded the Library, accompanied by Astra Nox. A few pairs of cultists are found throughout the ancient archives, however the overall number of them is fairly small.

The Great Sovereign Temple

Cultists make a very brief appearance in the Great Sovereign Temple. A couple of cultists will be found in the treasure trove, leading up to the chamber of Kluex Avatar. Presumably they are there to steal the Avian Artefact, as they are in the Great Pagoda Library and the Baron's Keep.

The Baron's Keep

Cultists appear once again at the Baron's Keep. They launch a siege against the Baron in an attempt to steal the Glitch Artefact. They appear in far greater numbers than before, and they are all special types of cultists;

  • Knight Cultist - A tough standard warrior cultist.
  • Archer Cultist - A dangerous ranged attacker.
  • Flight Cultist - A cultist atop a flying platform. Attacks by dropping canisters containing liquid fire.

The cultists also utilise siege equipment to knock down the Baron's walls.

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