Defector's Mask
Defector's Mask
Type Armor
Race (?) Apex
Equip Slot Head Slot
Shield-15px Defense 5
Energy Regen 50% Energy Regen 15
Warmth-15px Warmth 1
Rarity Common
Sell Value No Value
Crafted With 20 x Iron Bars
1 x Copper Helmet
200 x Pixels
Crafted At Iron Anvil

The Defector's Mask is a Tier 1 piece of Apex Armor which is craftable without any special requirements. It's part of the Defector's Armor set.

Trivia Edit

  • This item was first shown as an Easter Egg in the Character Creation.
  • In an early state of the game it was possible to obtain this item by naming your character "MasterApe" if you chose Apex as your race, this is no longer possible.