Diamond Ore
Type Material
Sub-Type Ore
Rarity Rare
Tooltip Diamond ore. Can be used for smelting or repairs. Select ore and right click pickaxe.
Sell Value No Value
This item cannot be crafted.
Material In Diamond

Diamond Ore is a blue-colored  mineral found by mining on Planets or found in chests.

Since version Irritated Koala, Diamond Ore can generate on planets of all tiers. It is used to craft the strongest tools.

Diamond Ore can be found in veins of 1 through 40 block(s).


  • Diamond Ore is primarily smelted at a furnace, where 4 ore will produce 1 Diamond.
  • Diamonds -can- be used to directly repair Diamond Tools, but are much less cost-effective than Copper Ore.
  • Diamond ore can be refined for 100 pixels each. Consider refining ores instead of diamonds, since diamonds give only 200 pixels, but 4 ores give 400 pixels.
  • Besides being found underground, they can be found in village chests.


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