Distress Beacon
Type Spawner
Rarity Common
Tooltip A distress beacon. Who knows who might hear it?
Sell Value No Value
Crafted With 150 x Pixels
2 x Silver Bars
10 x Copper Bars
10 x Iron Bars
100 x Wood Planks
Crafted At Wooden Crafting Table
Iron Crafting Table
Robotic Crafting Table

The Distress Beacons an item that summons the Penguin UFO boss, and thus is required both to finish the 5th and final quest and to leave tier 1. Summoning the boss with the beacon requires the player to first place the beacon, and then interact with it; the beacon will work for a few seconds before exploding and summoning the boss. Note that the beacon will deal a small amount of damage to the player if they are near it when it explodes.

--------------------------------------------NOTE------------------------------------------------This item WAS used for spawning Dreadwing the Pirate, but the concept of spawning bosses like this was changed. It is still in the game, but it is purely decoration now.

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