Doom lords chestplate

Doom lords breastplate

Doom Lord's Breastplate
Type Armor
Equip Slot Torso Slot
Shield-15px Defense 250
Health Icon Health 400
Warmth-15px Warmth 48 (47.5)
Rarity Rare
Tooltip The doom lord's breastplate is forged of heavy impervium lined with gold. They're said to contain the brains of the first glitch.
Sell Value No Value
Crafted With 35x Impervium Bar
Crafted At Wooden Crafting Table
Iron Crafting Table
Robotic Crafting Table

The Doom Lord's Breastplate is the tier ten torso armor for the Glitch race. It is made of impervium, like the rest of the Doom Lord's Armor set. Glitch players must unlock the recipe by using the Rubium Tech Upgrade. Members of other races must find and use its blueprint.