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Doom Lord's Armor

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Doom Lord's

Doom Lord's Armor

The Doom Lord's Armor is the tenth and final Tier of Glitch armor. It is crafted on the Robotic Workbench with Impervium Bars

Materials NeededEdit

The materials needed to create the full set of Doom Lord armor are:

Armor Pieces and StatsEdit

Armor Piece Defense Warmth
Doom Lord's Helm 150 28.5 Energy 50% 400
Doom Lord's Breastplate 250 47.5 Health Icon 400
Doom Lord's Greaves 100 19 Energy Regen 50% 4
File:Doom Lord's Helm.png
File:Doom Lord's Breastplate.png
File:Doom Lord's Greaves.png

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