Durasteel Tech Upgrade
Type Item
Rarity Legendary
Tooltip (temporary). Unlocks sector X and the ability to work with Aegisalt found on level 5 planets.
Sell Value No Value
Crafted With 1x Endomorphic Jelly
40x Durasteel Bar
Crafted At Wooden Crafting Table
Iron Crafting Table
Robotic Crafting Table

This will unlock Sector X in the starmap. So you can visit level 5-10 planets, and is currently the last starmap upgrade . 

This upgrade costs 40 Durasteel Bars, and also requires the ability to rip out the Endomorphic Jelly obtained by brutally murdering the Giant Jelly boss, Brian.

This upgrade unlocks no new Biomes.

In current updates this item is not available.

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