Energy Dash
Energy Dash
Type Item
Sub-Type Tech
Sell Value No Value
This item cannot be crafted.

The Energy Dash is a Tech that helps the user move faster for a short distance.

It is found in a High-Tech chest, either underground or at an Apex Laboratory. This tech uses about 30 energy each dash.


When locked-in, double-tap left or right movement keys to dash in that direction (uses energy). Jumping while under the dash's effects will cause the player to retain the speed boost until he/she lands or collides with something, making the dash excellent for crossing large gaps. The dash can also be used in mid-air for the same purpose, and players do not fall while dashing;


  • Using the Energy Dash mid-air increases your jump range.
  • The Energy Dash can be used to evade enemy attacks or to ambush enemies.

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