Weapon In Action!

The Eyesword is a legendary 2-handed sword. It shoots out 3 clouds that deal low damage and knock the enemy back.
Winking calamity
Winking Calamity00:05

Winking Calamity

Name Variations Edit

All generated names consist of a randomly chose first half with a randomly chosen second half.

First Last
All-Seeing Blade
Cornea Calamity
Eyeball Carnage
Gazing Carver
Looker Cutter
Peeping Dicer
Piercing Hacker
Pupil Horror
Staring Killer
Winking Renderer

Examples Edit

Name                               Armor Piercing Swing Speed Damage Per Swing Hands Used Special Properties
Winking Calamity 11 1.58 19 2-Handed Sword
Looker Sword 3 1.90 15 2-Handed Sword Shoots 3 clouds that deal damage and knocks the enemy back

Piercing Slasher

6 1.10 28 2-Handed Sword


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