Ferozium infobox
Type Material
Sub-Type Bar
Placeable No
Tooltip It's a Ferozium bar.
Sell Value No Value
Material In Ferozium Tech Upgrade
Wiseman's Thinking Hat
Wiseman's Loincloth
Wiseman's Chestgua
Robotic Crafting Table
Crafted With 1 x Coal
1 x Aegisalt Bar
Crafted At Metalwork Station

Ferozium is a metal bar crafted from Coal and Aegisalt Bar. The recipe for crafting these is unlocked at the Metalwork Station after the Aegisalt Tech Upgrade item has been crafted at the Robotic Crafting Table and used.

Along with that unlocks new recipes based around the use of this new metal, these items are generally improvements over those made of Aegisalt.

They can be used to craft weapons/armor and decorative items.

Sometimes the item does not pop up to craft even if you have the Robotic Crafting Table and the required Aegisalt and Coal. You may need to craft and use the Aegisalt Tech Upgrade before steel shows up, or search for "Ferozium" using the Robotic Crafting Table's search function.

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