Fine Sand
Fine Sand icon
Type Block
Sub-Type Material
Placeable Yes
Rarity Common
Tooltip A fine glittering sand. Could probably be made into glass!
Sell Value No Value
This item cannot be crafted.
Material In Glass

Fine Sand is found commonly in Desert biomes and underground on many planets. Like Gravel, Fine Sand is unstable and will fall into open tiles beneath it if disturbed.

This makes it effective to mine sand by digging straight down into the center of a pocket. Nearby sand will funnel into the newly opened space, then be swiftly broken as the player continues to mine. This can easily reveal hidden caves as the sand pocket is emptied. Additionally, any ores in the sand will drop out for easy collection when it falls.

Due to a bug, falling sand replaces liquid blocks when it becomes a block. Taking advantage of this by mining the sand below water will quickly erase the water.

Another bug happens when the player drops sand onto the ground and there is no blocks into the background. The sand will also create fine sand blocks in the background when it becomes a block, without using up any of the blocks dropped. This glitch means that the play can mine an infinite amount of fine sand with only 1 block of it.

Trees that are on fine sand will instantly disapear without giving back any resourses if the fine sand under the tree is forced to move due to open space.

Players might be buried by a cascade of collapsing sand, which reduces mobility and vision. However this will not cause suffocation immediately. Instead the breath bar will begin to deplete, as though the player was submerged in water, giving 45 seconds to dig out before taking damage.

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