The Flesh Biome is made of Corrupt Dirt Blocks, Flesh Blocks, and Bone Blocks. Water in this biome is red, and is meant to resemble blood.


The Flesh Biome spawns on the surface of jungle planets. It contains claydirt, and mud in the ground, along with stone. You will also find tall flesh trees. These have a pink trunk made of coiled flesh and some sort of red pods at the top. You can cut these trees down to obtain Flesh Strands. You can use these to make Flesh Blocks and other flesh Furniture. You can also find small flesh trees that can simpily be destroyed by hitting them with a weapon. These also drop flesh strands. The ground also has a greyish-blue color. Here you can find Flesh Chests, which contain Blueprints for flesh Furniture.

Flesh biome


You can also find the Flesh Biome underground on any planet. This biome contains Flesh BlocksBone Blocks, and Corrupt Dirt Blocks in the ground. The biome will most likely not have any music, giving it an eerie effect, as the creators probably intended. The grass here is pink, unlike the surface version. This biome has a higher ore generation. You will find that rare ores such as Gold and Platinum are abundant. This makes underground Flesh Biome a lucky find for starting players. You can also find Flesh Chests here as well as Eye Chests, which contain Blueprints for their matching sets of Furniture.

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Heck - A similar fleshy enviornment found in the underworld of most planets.