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Example of food crafting interface.

Food is a type of consumable item that provides certain effects when eaten. Food can be cooked at a Camp Fire (meat or fish) and prepared at a Wooden Cooking Table.

When crafting food, the player must have all required ingredients in their inventory. There are many ingredients available, including crops, meat, and other materials. 


Food can provide the player with a multitude of effects. The Wellfed Well Fed debuff is always applied when food is eaten. It is basically a cooldown timer, which lasts for a minimum of two and a half (2.5) minutes.

  • Regeneration Health Regeneration - regenerates health points. Lasts for 60 seconds.
  • Maxhealth Health Boost - increases maximum health points. Lasts for 90-165 seconds.
  • Maxenergy Energy Boost - increases maximum energy points. Lasts for 90-150 seconds.
  • Runboost Speed Boost - increases running speed. Lasts for 15-150 seconds.
  • Rage Rage - greatly increases player damage. Lasts for 30-60 seconds.
  • Thorns Thorns - Reflects 100% damage back to the attacker. Lasts for 30-60 seconds.

List of FoodsEdit

This list is incomplete.

Name Effect
Ape Grapes Regen (~10 HP)
Apple Pie Regen (~275 HP),
Hot Feet
Avesmingo No Effect
Automato No Effect
Automato Stew Regen (~115 HP)
Avesmingo Ice Cream Regen (~275 HP),
Hot Feet
Banana No Effect

Banana Bread

Regen (~275 HP),
Hot Feet
Banana Split Regen (~115 HP),
Hot Feet
Banana Cream Pie Regen (~275 HP),
Hot Feet
Battered Banana Regen (~115 HP)
Bananacon Regen (~115 HP)
Beakseed No Effect
Black Current Crumble Regen (~275 HP),
Hot Feet (5 HP initial Dmg)
Boiled Pearlpeas No Effect
Boltbulb No Effect
Bolt O's Regen (~10 HP)
Boneboo No Effect
Boneboo Marrow Regen (~10 HP)
Bottled Water No Effect
Bread Regen (~20 HP)
Brineapple Regen (~115 HP),
Hot Feet
Burger Regen (~275 HP)
Burning Eyeballs Regen (~110 HP),
Hot Feet (15 HP initial Dmg)
Candied Corn
Candied Pearlpeas No Effect
Candy Apple
Candy Automato
Canned Food Regen (~95 HP)
Carrot No Effect
Carrot Bread Regen (~275 HP),
Hot Feet
Chili No Effect
Chili (Meal) Regen (~275 HP)
Cooked Alien Meat No Effect
Cooked Bacon Regen (~40 HP)
Cooked Poultry No Effect
Cooked Tentacle No Effect
Copper Key Pie Regen (~255 HP),
Hot Feet (5 HP initial Dmg)
Coralcreep No Effect
Coralcreep Curry Regen (~275 HP)
Corn No Effect
Corntent No Effect
Corn Peckers Regen (~10 HP)
Currentcorn No Effect
Curried Beakseed Regen (~275 HP)
Diodia No Effect
Dirturchin No Effect
Eggshoot No Effect
Eggshoot Salad Regen (~10 HP)
Eyebowls Regen (~10 HP)
Feathercrown No Effect
Fish Fingers
Fruit Salad Regen (~10 HP)
Garden Salad Regen (~10 HP)
Grapes No Effect
Hot Bone Regen (~115 HP),
Hot Feet (5 HP initial Dmg)
Kiwi No Effect
Lucky Dip Regen (~10 HP)
Mashed Potato Regen (~10 HP)
Meat n' Marrow Regen (~250 HP)
Milk Regen (~10 HP)
Neonmelon No Effect
Nuts N' Bolts Regen (~10 HP)
Oculemon No Effect
Oculemon Stew Regen (~275 HP)
Pearlpea No Effect
Pearlpea Pancakes Regen (~275 HP),
Hot Feet
Pearlpea Parcels Regen (~10 HP)
Pineapple No Effect
Pineapple Upside-Crown Cake Regen (~275 HP),
Hot Feet
Piodia Regen (~115 HP)
Pizzap Regen (~115 HP)
Potato No Effect
Pussplum No Effect
Pussplum Pie Regen (~275 HP),
Hot Feet
Red Apple No Effect
Reefpod No Effect
Rice No Effect
Ricecake Regen (~10 HP)
Roast Dinner Regen (~275 HP),
Hot Feet,
Jump Boost,
Speed Boost
Rotten Apple No Effect
Saltsalad Regen (~275 HP)
Smash Regen (~20 HP),
Hot Feet (5 HP initial Dmg)
Spicy Feathercrown Regen (~115 HP)
Stuffed Automato Regen (~35 HP)
Sweet Corn Regen (~5 HP)
Sweet Meat Regen (~115 HP),
Hot Feet
Sweet Time Regen (~275 HP),
Hot Feet (5 HP initial Dmg)
Tomato No Effect
Toxictop No Effect
Vanilla Ice Cream Regen (~115 HP},
Hot Feet
Veggie Soup Regen (~250 HP)
Wartweed Stew Regen (~275 HP)


All recipes require certain ingredients to be prepared. Most ingredients are farmable, other, such as a coconut, can be gathered from different biomes, others can be bought from the merchant at the Outpost. Many ingredients can be eaten by themselves, however prepared dish is more beneficial to a player than ingredient alone.

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