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A Forest Biome.

A forest planet is covered by abundant trees with mountains in the background. It can be considered a "well-rounded" planet in the sense that it contains a healthy mix of resources, including trees, ores, plant fibres and flowers. Monster spawns are neither too high nor too low, making the forest planet a perfect planet for new players to explore. Common materials found in the forest biome are dirt and cobblestone.

The climate in forest biomes are temperate during the day and cold at night. It is advised to put on some warm clothing or to stay close to a campfire at night, lest you catch cold!

Common mini-biomes include Giant Mushroom, Toxic, Tar (underground), Slime (underground).

Forest planets contain perhaps the largest variety of farmable plants, such as carrots, potatoes, grapes, and many more.

The color of the forest planet when viewed from the Navigation screen is set by the color of the Dirt Blocks, which can be any color of the rainbow. However, the grass color as well as the trees and their types are chosen randomly.

The background is set in two layers: the main (mountains, clouds), and secondary, which matches with trees' type and color.

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