Free as a Bird is the second main quest of the game.

Description Edit

Now that I can visit the planets within this solar system I need to start looking at how to repair my FTL drive, S.A.I.L. will probably know more.

Steps Edit

  • Interact with S.A.I.L. to learn of the existence of the Gate.
  • Open the door to the cockpit of the ship by interacting with it, then interact with the chair to open the Navigation menu.
  • Zoom out from the planetary view to see the overview of the solar system.
  • Find the Gate, which should be the furthest orbital, then click on it. Click on the image of the gate to select it and click the 'Go' button to travel to it.
  • After the ship has traveled and come to a stop over the Gate, beam down to it.
  • Walk to the center of the Gate and interact with the transport pad to visit the Outpost.
  • Find and accept any available quests, such as Bug Hunt. NPCs that have available quests have large yellow exclamation points above their heads.

Completion Text Edit

Rewards Edit

  • 500 Pixels

Quests Before Free as a Bird
Quests After Free as a Bird

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