Fresh Meat is the first Floran quest of the game.

Description Edit

Tired of Floran savagery, I have taken to the stars to pursue a more honourable hunt. The ship has been damaged in hyperspace and is unoperational. To keep moving I'll need to repair the ship's thrusters and patch up the hull.

Steps Edit

  • Walk over to the far right device on the ship (the S.A.I.L. on the wall) and press E.
  • Issue the 'Reboot ship AI' command.
  • Issue the 'Enable Matter Manipulator' command.
  • Obtain 20 Core Fragment Ore.
  • Issue the 'Repair Ship's Thrusters' command.

Rewards Edit

  • 500 Pixels

Quests Before Fresh Meat
Quests After Fresh Meat

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