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Fuel Hatch

A 'Fuel Hatch'

Fuel is used to power spaceships during FTL travel. The amount of fuel required depends on the distance being traveled.

Distance Fuel
different sector or different solar system 200 fuel
same system, different orbit 50 fuel
same orbit, neighboring planet 1 fuel

Fuel itemsEdit

Coal provides just 2 fuel. It is the basic fuel found on level 1 planets and above. It can be found on the surface or underground. Unrefined Wood, while not a fuel itself, can be burnt in a Furnace to produce Coal at a 10:1 ratio.

Uranium Ore provides 4 fuel. It can be found on level 5 planets and above.

Plutonium Ore provides 6 fuel. It can be found deep inside Meteorites in the outer atmosphere of a planet. It is also a common resource on high level planets in Sector X. It must be mined with a diamond drill. Due to the high availability on higher level planets and notable fuel value, this will be the most efficient fuel source at higher levels.

Solarium Ore provides 8 fuel. It is extremely rare as an ore, typically appearing in clusters of 1-5 at most. Solarium ore can only be found on level 9 and 10 planets.

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