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Fuel Hatch

A 'Fuel Hatch'

Fuel is used to power spaceships during FTL travel. The amount of fuel required depends on the distance being traveled.

Fuel itemsEdit

Liquid Erchius Fuel provides 1 fuel. It can be found under the surface of moons, in lakes of its liquid form. It can also be purchased at the Outpost (at the infinity express shop).

Uranium Ore provides 4 fuel. It can be found on radioactive/toxic planets. (Removed in the Glad Girrafe update)

Plutonium Ore provides 6 fuel. It can be found deep inside Meteorites in the outer atmosphere of a planet and in moons.

Solarium Ore provides 8 fuel. It is extremely rare as an ore, typically appearing in clusters of 1-5 at most. (Removed in the Glad Girrafe update)

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