The Giant Flower Biome is a lively place filled with colors and vegetation. It is the only place where you can aquire Giant Flower Petals. On your arrival, you will notice that the trees are giant flowers. They have a giant stem for a trunk and a blossom for foliage. There are two types of these trees.

One has large, round, white petals and a yellow center while the other has unorganized, pointed petals that vary in color, with it's stamen coming out of the middle. Both trees drop Giant Flower Petals when mined, and will also drop a Sapling much like it's original color, depending on the flower. In addition, you can also find small breakable flowers on the ground they appear much like the second kind of flower, but all are red. They too drop Giant Flower Petals when damaged. On occasion, you can find a Giant Flower Chest which can contain Blueprints for gaint flower furniture.


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