Gold Armor
"For the decadent."
Type Armor
Shield-15px Defense 42.5
Warmth-15px Warmth 3
Max Stack 1
Rarity Common
Sell Value No Value
Material In Tier 3 Race Specific Armor
Crafted With Makes 1
67 x Gold Bars
Crafted At Iron Anvil or Metalwork Station

As of v. Upbeat Giraffe, Gold Armor no longer exists.

Gold Armor is the third tier of Non-Racial Armor. Its crafting recipe is aquired after killing the Inactive Robot and using the Starmap Upgrade MK3.  It gains increased energy regen, defense , and health from silver armor but you lose the slight boost in warmth . Like the other non-racial armors it requires 67 bars of the metal, in this case gold, and a sum of pixels to create.


Armor Piece Tooltip Shield-15pxDefense Bonus Warmth-15pxWarmth Cost (Gold Bar ) Requires (Pixels)

Gold Helmet

"Gold helmet. For the decadent." 12.75 +52.50 Energy 1 20 200
Gold Chestpiece "Gold chestpeice. For the decadent." 21.25 +52.50Health-30px 1 35 500
Gold Greaves "Gold greaves. For the decadent." 8.50 +0.53% Energy Regen 1 12 100
Total 42.50 (no set bonus) 3 67 800


  • The helmet appears to be an "Upgrade" to the silver helmet, as the goggles are like the copper, and the mask is the silver, with the addition of the gold helmet.

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