Greenfinger's Notes; Writing Ban is a Starbound codex entry about the Floran race, and as such can usually be found in Floran bookshelves.

Codex EntryEdit

Town elders have informed me
that celebrated author Treeio
Florstab has fled his home
village after a series of critical
maulings in the intergalactic
press. His writing tutor, one
Glitch Professor Irondome, was
found with a copy of Florstab's
debut novel, Floran Peace,
rammed into his mouth.

Thankfully the Glitch was okay,
although I'm told he occasionally
quotes pretentious diologue
following the incident. Florstab
apparently told the Glitch
professor that he'd make sure
the universe would 'remember
my name'.

As such, I have no choice ut to
suspend any and all attempts
at teaching the Florans to
write, in case we encounter any
futher murderous delusions of

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